An Interview With 3 Year Old Jenson

Following on from my Interview With A….(insert age of child here) that I started with Burton when he had just turned 3 years old, I realised last week that I should start doing this with Jenson now he is 3. It is such a fascinating insight into their thought processes and Burton’s answers always amazed me because many of them came as a complete surprise to me! It is also wonderful to look back on and see how much your child has changed over the years, and how their answers do as a result.

So this morning I interviewed a 3 years plus 2 1/2 month year old Jenson and you can see his answers below.

Just so you know, as monkey is covering his mouth to begin with, the first two answers are ‘brown’ to his favourite colour and ‘monkey’ for his favourite toy.


I think it is clear that Jenson LOVES monkey related things!

You can see Burton’s answers from when he was 3 HERE


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