Project 365 #14 (30th March – 5th April, 2014)

So this week started with a 3rd birthday (also Mothering Sunday but that was cancelled in favour of the birthday!) and ended with OH and I attending a wedding yesterday which is why this is late going up because I was out all day and got home too late to post this!

Here is my week in photos

Sunday 30th March
Jenson’s 3rd birthday today (you can find out more about it here ). Here are my two monkeys with the second cake from the weekend at the family party in the afternoon.


 Monday 31st March
Still wanting to carry on and dress like a monkey following two days of it over the weekend, here is Jenson enjoying the swings after school with one of his monkey hats on!

IMG_1572 (1)

Tuesday 1st April
Burton had a swimming lesson after school, and on the walk back to the car both boys spent ages looking at the white blossom as it reminded them of snowflakes. Here is Burton throwing it at me!

IMG_1570 (1)

Wednesday 2nd April
Jenson and I spent the morning making thank you cards for all the wonderful gifts he received for his birthday

IMG_1571 (1)

 Thursday 2nd April
I let the boys stay up after tea as Daddy was on the way home so we watched Frozen – here is Jenson dancing to the music at the end of it! I have the soundtrack in my head even now as I write this!!

IMG_1595 (1)

Friday 4th April
This photo cracks me up – Jenson was grumpy because he had tried to pedal his new (birthday) bike again but couldnt quite do it right and was getting off and grumpily declaring that he didnt want to ride it anymore! It made me laugh…… alot

IMG_1579 (1)


Saturday 5th April
The boys went to stay at my Mum’s today  as OH and I had a wedding to attend from 12pm which was a lovely one and the reception was really good too. Here is a photo of Burton at the park as Daddy took them for a quick spin on their bikes this morning before they left.

IMG_1594 (1)

 I hope you all had a good week too x

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12 thoughts on “Project 365 #14 (30th March – 5th April, 2014)

  1. The picture of Jenson being grumpy cracked me up too. Our grandson had a similar paddy when I wouldn’t let him play with our new house phones.

  2. What a lovely week Jenny. The cake is fab, I love the thank you cards you made and the grumpy Jenson photo is brilliant. But the last one of Burton is my favourite, beautiful x

  3. Oh how fabulous, what a week Jenny. Happy belated birthday to Jenson! Great cake and I love their outfits too, just lovely. What great cards you made and well done getting them out so quickly. Must have been great to escape to a wedding 🙂

  4. love the monkey cake, very appropriate , Happy belated birthday Jenson. I love the temper tantrum picture, and yes it can be quite funny. Hope you enjoyed the wedding.

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