Jenson’s 3rd Birthday Parties (#Flashback Friday)

Jenson’s 3rd Birthday Parties (#Flashback Friday)

Last Sunday Jenson turned 3 years old!!!! Due to it being Mothering Sunday the same day, I opted to have his party on Saturday for his friends, and,naturally, it was a Monkey Party.


The guests arrived at 3.30pm and both Burton and Jenson dressed up as monkeys for the party – they did both look cute and funny!
After the initial present unwrapping (we allowed Jenson to open the ones from his friends a day early) and some running around in the garden, the children sat down to do a craft activity of decorating their party bags. I had bought some brown paper bags with handles, and some crafty items and glue and the children had lots of fun making their own bag designs.


 Then it was time for some party games – pass the parcel and musical bumpos and statues


After all their dancing and jumping around, the children were hungry and thirsty so it was time for the party food!!jparty4

and the monkey cake
(I will write another post showing how I made the cake and what food I served)


 Sunday morning a certain someone came downstairs to find this in the playroom (it did have some happy birthday banners tied round it)


Well, a monkey fan has to have his own monkey bike, helmet, gloves and bell doesn’t he?

IMG_1574IMG_1578 (2)

 After a birthday lunch of bangers, mash and baked beans we took to the park because it was a glorious day and so warm and sunny. When we arrived, Jenson could not use his pedals – he could balance but was not sure about pedalling aswell. However, after an hour of practising the boy did good and pedalled!!! Daddy and I were very proud 🙂

IMG_1575 (1)

And a boy who successfully manages to ride his new big boy bike, gets a prize of an ice cream!

IMG_1576 (1)

Then it was off home for his second party this time with family and , of course, another monkey birthday cake


What it is to be 3 !!

This post was brought to you as part of Flashback Fridaymummy mishaps

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