Project #15 (6th-12th March, 2014)

Project #15 (6th-12th March, 2014)

So this week has been week one of half term holidays and this means no school run which makes me happy because mornings are so much more relaxing arent they? Less shouting , less stress, ย more cups of tea and this makes for much better mornings ๐Ÿ™‚

The weather has been glorious this week which has meant that we have been outside everyday! This also makes me happy because everything is better when the sun shines

So here is our week in photos

On The Way Home
We collected the boys from my Mum (after their sleep over) at Tiverton Swimming Pool so they could for a swim. On the way home the boys enjoyed making us and each other laugh.


Sad To Leave
We had a playdate at a friends house today and when it was time to go, both boys were reluctant to leave!

IMG_1610 (1)

We had playgroup this morning and then we spent the rest of the afternoon, until Burton’s swimming lesson, playing in the garden. It was good to get out the garden toys again – like Jenga

IMG_1612 (1)

Pond Dippers
We visited out local National Trust property today for some pond dipping, a picnic and some stick finding!! The best find was a newt by Burton.

IMG_1603 (1)

Spring Has Spring
Another glorious day spent card making and then outside playing. We also had some friends come over to play. I loved the fact that tonight after tea it was so warm that the boys were able to play outdoors until bedtime.

IMG_1614 (1)

This morning was another crafty making one and then this agfternoon was more fun in the garden! It was very warm and ice lollies were needed to cool down especially after all the jumping that the boys did off the slide!

IMG_1613 (1)

Trampoline For One
The boys had a sleep over last night at Granma and Grampy’s so first thing I set to work making a 30th birthday cake for my hairdresser which took all morning. Meanwhile Daddy too Burton to see a rally in Somerset but he was not impressed by all accounts, ย and Jenson had the trampoline all to himself!

IMG_1611 (1)

This week has flown by so I am hoping that next week will be slower – I do prefer not having school runs very day!

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