Pond Dipping #50things

Pond Dipping #50things

I really love the fact that my Mum renewed my national trust membership for another year as my Christmas present (and there is a sentence I never thought I would say 10 years ago!!). As I have mentioned on here a few times now, our nearest NT property is Arlington Court which is only a short drive away  and I love taking the boys there. I love the fact that they can run around to their hearts content and climb, explore, jump, shout and laugh and I don’t have to be constantly telling them to stop like I do indoors.

What I love about the National Trust is that since they started their 50 Things iniative , it is now a fantastic place to take children because of the activities they put on for kids. One of this school holiday’s events is pond dipping so I took the boys on Tuesday to have a go. It was brilliant fun and I enjoyed it just as much as they did to be honest. The couple of members of the NT team were on hand to help and offer advice on what pond life inhabitants we discovered.  The best discoveries were a tadpole by Jenson and a newt by Burton.

IMG_1603 (1)

IMG_1604 (1)

IMG_1607 (1)

The boys would have happily continued pond dipping all afternoon – we will be going back for some more pond dipping fun very soon.
35. Discover what’s in a pond – done!

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