Mini Egg Chocolate Bark

We had some little friends come over today for a playdate today, and I wanted to make some treats for everyone to enjoy for pudding. Looking through my cupboards I found some micro mini eggs and some chocolate, so I decided to make some Mini Egg Chocolate Bark.

Mini Egg Chocolate Bark

To make this egg-ceedingly easy and scrummy Mini Egg Chocolate Bark all you need are the following ingredients:

300g milk chocolate
100g white chocolate
100g (Tesco) Micro Chocolate Eggs

  • Line a baking tin – I used a 10 inch round one – with greaseproof paper
  • Melt the milk chocolate in 1 bowl
  • Melt the white chocolate in another bowl
  • Once both are melted , pour the milk chocolate into the prepared dish and spread it to fit inside the whole of the dish
  • Then drizzle over the white chocolate – does not matter how erratic it looks
  • Sprinkle the micro eggs over the top
  • Place in the fridge for about 2 hours (ish) until set
  • Remove the grease proof paper so you can cut the bark into triangles
  • Keep in a sealed tub in the fridge


Obviously you could use the normal Cadburys Mini Eggs but I happened to have these smaller ones which work well for little mouths (and are much cheaper!). Look how appealing this chocolate bark is – colourful and pretty and of course yummy!

This not only looks good but is quite frugal to make too as I used supermarket own value chocolate so in total £1.95 . They would make a wonderful home made Easter gift and it is the type of confectionary  no bake treat that children can get stuck in and help make too. Mind you they would also be great to make after Easter using up any leftover (is there such a thing though?) Easter egg chocolate and mini eggs


Mini Egg Chocolate Bark – mmmmmm so easy and so good, why not give it a go? I don’t think it will hang around long if today is anything to go on!

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9 thoughts on “Mini Egg Chocolate Bark

  1. Great idea, I really need some mini eggs – i brought some 6 weeks ago and we ate them thinking I’d get some more. I should have known better as there are no eggs to be found anywhere now except over priced foil wrapped mini solid choc ones!

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