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Sometime towards the end of last year, it was brought to my attention that the amazing Team Honk would be doing something epic for this years Sport Relief. A relay of sorts and of course I put my name down and offered up my time, because I was unable to help out the previous year when Team Honk climbed Snowdonia.

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So a few months went by and Christmas passed and then it was the new year and less than a week into it Team Honk 2014 facebook groups were created, and I suddenly realised that all those Team Honk newletters that were in my inbox unread had been important and that I had completely missed the fact that the Team Honk relay was starting on January 12th !!! In Cornwall. At Lands End (of course!) and that the baton would be passing through Devon that same night!!!!

*cue lots of panicing on my part*

With less than a week until the BIG start, and nothing organised I joined both the Cornwall and Somerset Team Honk facebook groups (as there was no Devon one!), and set about trying to see what was going on, when it was happening, who it was happening with and when I would be able to interject with some Devon Team Honk action!! It has to be said that not a lot was happening, considering how soon the starting date was, but luckily there were enough of us to get a plan in action and by the time the 12th arrived we all knew what we were doing (just!).

Team Honk Cornwall were amazing and set the bar VERY high starting at Lands End followed by a fun walk with people wearing odd shoes, animal onesie clad folk from Coombe Mill with a quad bike and then some cycling and running in hideous weather conditions (very heavy rain and strong winds)  to Devon! Amazing efforts! I was lucky to meet Lara at Bideford on Sunday night when I collected the baton from her which was sodden and wind swept, just like her and her friends who joined her on her fantastic trek across the 2 counties.

Monday 13th I set off with the batton after the school run to Taunton to hand it over to fellow bloggers Gina (also from Devon – yay there were 2 of us from Team Devon in the end !) otherwise know as Banana Woman and Victoria (a true Team Somserset gal) otherwise known as The Lone Rider met me, Fat Sumo, in Taunton to do the all important handover of the baton.

honky1honky honky2

 It was a HONK-TASTIC morning and we all had such a laugh and despite never meeting Banana Woman or The Lone Ranger before, we got on so well and it was like we had know each other for ages! That is the thing with blogging, you do not have to have met someone in real life to get along – we are all part of a fantastic and like minded community which makes meet ups easy and fun! I was also over whelmed by all the mentions I had on social media wishing me luck and enjoying my tweets and photos – thank you to everyone who was part of it.

To be honest my part in the Team Honk Relay was tiny really (well huuuge dressed as a fat sumo suit!) in comparison to some of the other amazing feats that have taken place during the last 3 months. There have been tears, laughter, silly suits (Mr Blobby was hilarious), not to mention a blogger game of monopoly, and so much hard work and determination. Just amazing when you stop and look back at it all and what everyone did! Even those who were unable to join in with the relay itself have been fab at the social media side of the fund raising – looking at you Aly!

The 3 Amigoes (Annie, Tanya and Penny) aka the Team Honk massive have been fanruddytastic organising this years relay and if I am feeling over whelmed and bowled over by everyones efforts, they must be feeling elated and on top of the world!

At the start of Team Honk the donation target was £20,000 and that has been smashed and the total at the moment stands at £30,000 plus  – which is incredible!  What an epic journey and one which I am very proud to be a part of.
And it is not too late to donate which you can do so by going here

You can also still take part in the Team Honk Great Bloggers Bake Off which is running until 28th April and Emma Freud (Mrs Comic Relief herself) will be judging the entries


Please do bake something sporty or honky and help raise more money for Team Honk 🙂


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  1. I’ve been watching the progress of Team Honk right the way through, sponsoring even though I didn’t take part. (I wasn’t a blogger then) I have to say that it was an epic challenge that you all partook in, and a fantastic result with the sponsorship. Well done to all who took part.

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