Christmas Jumper Day 2013 with Save The Children

Today is a day for being merry and getting your festive groovy jumper on and help raise money and awareness for Save The Children’s Christmas Jumper Day


People all across the land have come together to wear their most jolly and festive pieces of knitwear, and donate a £1 to a ruddy good cause. From school children to places of work, people are sharing in this festive jumper wearing day.

I may not go out to work or attend school, but I too have worn my sparkly silver jumper all day for the school run and my weekly grocery shop and this is how I have looked all daymyfestivejumperAll the children and teachers at Burton’s school wore a festive jumper today to raise money and it was lovely seeing everyone looking so Christmassy and getting involved for such a great cause.bfestivejumperhashtagAlthough today was the official Christmas Jumper Day , it is not too late to wear on when you go out tonight or tomorrow even when you are off Christmas shopping. And, more importantly, it is NOT too late to donate. It is very simple, heck even I did this!!! All you need to do is text TEAMTHINLYS to 70050 – and you can help save a child. Seriously it is that easy.

OR if you prefer go to your computer/laptop/smart phone and donate online.

Just £1 really can make a difference. 99p of every pound donated will go straight towards helping children and even £1 is a powerful thing, it can buy l so many essential items for children, lookie here:festivejumperjumping

If you do not own a festive jumper you can always make your own it is very easy and looks great

PLEASE wear your festive jumper with pride tomorrow or if you can’t then PLEASE donate  £1 anyway it is not too much to part with, and this is the season of goodwill afterall.

So what are you waiting for? On your marks, get set and TEXT

IMG_9817textFor more information please check out the amazing Chris over at Thinly Spread who should be having a much deserved glass of something alcoholic by now to celebrate all her hard work in this iniative. *Cheers Chris*

**You can recycle your Festive jumpers afterwards – check out these fab ideas

For every blogger who uploads a post about the campaign, along with a festive shot of themselves in a Christmas jumper, £10 will go to Save the Children. Be sure to tweet the link to your blog post to @westfieldlondon so STC know you’ve taken part.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, a virtual cup of tea and slice of cake awaits you x