1. Oh what a really gorgeous idea – and will help with those who do not know how to spell their name and are just learning – like my son 🙂

  2. Oh I so want one of these, I have two personalised books from when I was a child, obviously nothing as lovely as these but I remember how much I loved them. I had a birthday one and a Christmas one and I still have them now. They meant so much to me that I feel I must get them for the boys too. Off to have a look at the site now.

  3. Ooooohhhh I had a personalised name book when I was a kid and I always thought it was some kind of magic that it was about me and my cousins! You’ve just inspired me to get a couple for my kids.

  4. love this, what a great idea. i can think of a couple of whipper snappers these would make great christmas gifts for, thank you!

  5. What stunning illustrations – I must admit I usually buy books based primarily on what they look like (I am that shallow) but I really like the idea of having a personalised story. Funnily enough I remember getting a personalised story book as a child for Christmas and being blown away by how cool it was that my name was in a book!

    The memories!

  6. Oh that’s lovely. I always buy books with the children’s names in – but must be hard if you have such a lovely and unique name like Burton. The book looks so beautiful I will add it to the Christmas list.

  7. Lisa

    I have ordered and paid for 5 of these books. They have not turned up.
    They also will not answer any of my emails.
    Dont order them!

  8. Lisa

    In reference to my post on December 9 2013 at 8.00am:
    The books have arrived. They are correct and they are lovely. Would have just liked a little more contact when I queried them!

  9. rustygecko

    Observation about the book: it is good but there is a major fault – the book is soft cover, the packing is not strong enough, there is a “Do Not Bend” label on the packing, but the post office ignore it.

  10. Shemika

    Great except you can hardly say it’s a personalised book like no other, when you can’t even change skin colour/hair. For nearly £20 I would expect more.

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