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Lost My Name Personalised Books For Children (Review)

Sometimes you come across a beautiful and unique product that completely bowls you over from the first moment you see it. You just know from the look and feel of it that it will be a pleasure to own and when it is a children’s product, you cannot wait to show it to your little ones and hope thay they will enjoy and be as in love with it as you are.

Lost My Name is a personalised book like no other I have seen – each book is unique to its owner because every child has a different name, thus each adventure is different as a result of this. Each story begins with a little boy or girl waking up to discover that his or her’s name is missing from their bedroom door, so he/she must set off to retrive the letters that make the name. Along the way the little boy/girl meets lots of interesting characters who all help him/her track down the letters which spell his/hers name.namebookcoverRather than me try to explain in words, which I fear does not really do the books their true justice, here are some of the illustrations from the books, of which I was sent one each for Burton and Jenson, aswell as a book for a girl (which will be given to one of the boys cousins for her birthday). I especially LOVE the opening message to each readernamebook8namebook2namebook9namebook7namebook5naembook10namebook6name4namebook1namebook3Lost Your Name books are A4 size and perfect for little hands to open and take in all the beautiful illustrations and follow the narrative to find his or hers own letters that spell out his or hers actual name.

These wonderful books would make an ideal Christmas, birthday or even christening gift as they are aimed at children aged 2-6 years. In fact they would also make a perfect present for a newborn baby too.  These books are so well made and the illustrations are just enchanting, and are sure to captivate both you and your child/children.

Please visit the Lost My Name website to order your copy now and see your own book be previewed before your eyes to see it before you buy. I am pretty sure you and your little loved ones will love a special personalised story book from the Lost My Name series.


 Simply type in BlogTour10 at the checkout to receive 10% discount

Disclaimer : I was sent copies of these books for the purpose of a review. All words and opinion about them are all my own and honest

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  1. Oh what a really gorgeous idea – and will help with those who do not know how to spell their name and are just learning – like my son 🙂

  2. Oh I so want one of these, I have two personalised books from when I was a child, obviously nothing as lovely as these but I remember how much I loved them. I had a birthday one and a Christmas one and I still have them now. They meant so much to me that I feel I must get them for the boys too. Off to have a look at the site now.

  3. love this, what a great idea. i can think of a couple of whipper snappers these would make great christmas gifts for, thank you!

  4. What stunning illustrations – I must admit I usually buy books based primarily on what they look like (I am that shallow) but I really like the idea of having a personalised story. Funnily enough I remember getting a personalised story book as a child for Christmas and being blown away by how cool it was that my name was in a book!

    The memories!

  5. Oh that’s lovely. I always buy books with the children’s names in – but must be hard if you have such a lovely and unique name like Burton. The book looks so beautiful I will add it to the Christmas list.

  6. I have ordered and paid for 5 of these books. They have not turned up.
    They also will not answer any of my emails.
    Dont order them!

  7. In reference to my post on December 9 2013 at 8.00am:
    The books have arrived. They are correct and they are lovely. Would have just liked a little more contact when I queried them!

  8. Observation about the book: it is good but there is a major fault – the book is soft cover, the packing is not strong enough, there is a “Do Not Bend” label on the packing, but the post office ignore it.

  9. Great except you can hardly say it’s a personalised book like no other, when you can’t even change skin colour/hair. For nearly £20 I would expect more.

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