Kensington Safegrip Rugged Case & Stand for ipad (Review)

From a very young age Burton has been lucky enough to have access to an iPad. When he was a little over 6 months he learnt how to access an iPhone by sliding the on button across with his little fingers (totally Daddy’s fault I hasten to add!), and by the time he was about 10 months old he was able to operate my iPad!!! (thanks Daddy!).


Of course the downside to your children being able to use your own gadgets is asides from you not getting as much use on them as you would like by YOURSELF, is that they are prone to more wear and tear and possible dropping/knocking related incidents! This is where a Kensington Safegrip Case & Stand for an iPad can come in and save the day ……… and your iPad!

These toughened cases have been padded for extra protection and have been specifically designed to withstand accidents in the home and outside it and are……wait for it…….toddler and child proof. In fact more than that they appear to also be Mummy Mishap proof (as the name suggest I am a tad clumsy *ahem*  and suffer from butter fingers and I am not talking about making pastry!). The Kensington Safegrip prevents scratches and scuff marks and smudges and with its easy way of covering your iPad – which only takes about a minute to fit over it so even someone as useless at following instructions as me can use it easily.

Once your iPad is sat snugly inside the Safegrip it is still possible to access the -parts of your iPad that you will need, such as the camera, power point, the one/off switch, volume and there is even a place to keep a stylus on the back, as well as a personalisation pocket!

ipadcase CollageThe Saegrip also comes with a a handle making the iPad totally portable while also completely safe in the hands of your child (or even yourself!). However, the handle also cleverly doubles up as a stand allowing you to position your iPad for reading, watching a movie or maybe just playing an app. In this position is also allows for type and view modes. ipadcase2 CollageBurton has enjoyed having a blue case for *his* iPad and loves to carry it around the house and he has found the handle aka a stand very useful. It has been dropped once – onto our kitchen floor (which is made from slates ), and it survived! Phew!IMG_1311 (1)The Kensington Safegrip is a great product. I currently have a heavy duty case on my iPad (the one Burton is allowed to use is an older version), so I know what a great investment these padded cases really are.  It retails for £39.99 which I think is a good investment afterall it is cheaper than buying a replacement iPad!! The Safegrip is compatible with iPad 4th Gen, iPad 3rd Gen and the iPad 2. (iPad not included!)

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. All comments made are my own and honest.

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  • I love that case, especially the carry handle – I’ve lost track of the number of times that ours as slipped out of the case when Jack has been carrying it without doing it up!

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