My Week That Was #29 (Project 365)

Room On The Broom Party (194/365)
Blowing His Candles Out (195/365)
Holding His Breath Under Water (196/365)
Blowing Bubbles In The Paddling Pool (197/365)
Paddling Pool Nakedness & Silliness (198/365)
Leafy Hats (199/365)
Feeling The Sea Between His Toes (200/365)

Sunday – the morning was spent preparing for Burton’s birthday party which started at 3pm. It was a glorious day so we had some paddling pools out so the guests could splash about in the garden before the food and pass the parcel. The theme was Room On The Broom and you can see how i did it HERE. It was a lovely party and even TheBoyandMe and family travelled down to be with us 🙂

Monday – was Burton’s 4th birthday. After all the baking I did over the weekend it was nice to have a day of being with Burton, Jenson and Daddy opening his presents and playing with them. At 3pm family members arrived for his birthday tea which was served at 5pm and I had saved the cake from the party yesterday, and used it today instead to save me having to make another cake! It is fair to say that Burton has had a wonderful couple of days.

Tuesday – was spent doing some crafty activities and also more playing in the paddling pool – Burton was practising holding his breath under water here. Another birthday present arrived from my friend who couldn’t make it yesterday.

Wednesday – more presents were played with and another present arrived in the post – a domino rally! I had one when I was about 9 and I loved it, so needeless to say I was straight on the case of making some domino rallies lol. After lunch the boys went in the paddling pool and I gave them some bubbles to blow as I thought this would be fun.

Thursday – Burton went to Ladybirds for his penulitmate session 🙁 while Jenson and I did some tidying up and played with the toys and did some drawing.When Burton got home from Ladybirds there was more paddling pool fun – it was a little cold in the water and (naked!) Jenson was not happy that Burton was splashing him although he found it funny when Burton kept pretending to fall over and then land in the water!

Friday – I attempted to tidy up the playroom this morning to make space for the new toys and book, but I didnt get very far as we had to play with a lot of the old puzzles and games as I was sorting them!! We took some toys into the garden to sit under the tree to play but the boys preferred to wear leaves and twigs on their heads instead. *This* is hilarious when you are 4 and 2!

Saturday – swimming this morning and we are pleased that in a couple of weeks when the new swimming term starts, Burton will be moved up into the next stage! Afterwards we went to see Granma and Grampy and played outside climbing trees, boucning on the trampoline, playing bat and ball, swiming on the tyre swing and having fun! Then late this afternoon we went to Instow beach for an impromptu paddle in the sea which was lovely! Jenson has never been paddling here before as the tide is normally way out but he loved it  🙂

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  1. All such gorgeous photos, I love the fact that you have two people blowing out the candles, that always happens here too. That last photo is really beautiful.

  2. i think we’re living in a parallel universe at the moment, with all the birthdays going on! It’s so lovely, but I’m exhausted – it’s a been a whole week of celebrations! The boys look like they;re loving all this great weather out in the open 🙂

  3. I love that nearly every photo is of the children playing in the pool, apart from that epic one of them with leaves and twigs on their heads. God love them! Jenson has the cutest bottom!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  4. I fully support a birthday that continues over an entire week. Love the nudie pic and the underwater one. A fabulous selection

  5. yes young children find the strangest of things funny, but then you end up laughing as their giggles are usually infectious. Glad to see he had a great birthday week, its nice when you get the good weather to go out in. I thought Jenson looked cold the way he is standing. A bubbly paddling pool when they dribble the bubbles.

  6. My grrandson likes bubble too..can’t get him to blow them though..he thinks the stick is a toothbrush!!
    I like the last picture of Jenson splashing.

  7. What a fantastic idea for a party – looks like they had lots of fun. I need your paddling pool too!!

  8. Brilliant! Looks like you have had a great week, lots of outdoor fun. I love the leafy hats

  9. I’m glad Burton had a fab birthday, the cake looked great! Lots of fun outdoors again and the boys look so happy in the photos.

  10. So happy Jenson had a wonderful birthday. The cakes and everything look amazing! You are a supermum 🙂

  11. Oh happy birthday! Looks like he had a wonderful time!! Love that picture under the water!!

    Beautiful final picture!

  12. I’m glad Burton had a great birthday 🙂 I didn’t notice the leaves were on their heads, I thought they were standing under a tree until I read the info!

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