My Week That Was #27 (Project 365)

Practising‘ (180/365)
Catch‘ (181/365)
Before The Rain‘ (182/365)
Shooting Hoops‘ (183/365)
More Practising‘ (184/365)
Sun Hat‘ (185/365)
Hiding From Burton’ (186/365)
Sunday – we went off to the park early this morning with the boys and their bikes to get some fresh air, which was fun although a shame the sun never made an appearance all day as it seemed to for everyone on my instagram feed today! Rest of the day was spent at home playing in the garden.
Monday – Burton went to Ladybirds and I discovered that he is quite the social butterfly as the staff told me  of 11 friends when I asked who he played with so I knew who to invite to his birthday party!!! Eeeek I was hoping to make it a smaller affair this year! Lol. Tonight after tea we went out in the garden to shoot some hoops in the new net which Daddy bought for the boys.
Tuesday – we went out in to the garden this morning and I got out all the play stuff and within a few minutes it rained!!! So we ended up playing indoors with the playdough instead. We did return back outside briefly this afternoon but……yes it rained again!
Wednesday – we were meant to be going to soft play this morning but Burton played up BIG time at bedtime last night so punishment was no soft play today!  Instead outdoors garden play as it was dry for a change! Granma came for lunch and stayed for a couple of hours too which pleased the boys.
Thursday – Ladybirds for Burton while Jenson and I went to visit my friend Lisa and her son Joe. Lisa got married while I was away at BML so it was a chance to give her her wedding card and present except i left it on the table at home! Doh! Still we had a good catch up over a cream tea! Yum! When we got home Jenson got some scooter practise in before we collected Burton.
Friday – it was a beautiful day today so we spent almost all day in the garden playing. and of course sunshine means sun hats need to be worn!

Saturday – Burton had his swimming lesson this morning so Daddy took Jenson swimming while I went food shopping at the nearby Tesco. It has been a beautiful summers day today – really hot so we spent the rest of the day in the garden playing with the bikes, scooters, balls, trampoline etc… its been great! My Mum and Step Dad came for lunch and the afternoon too. The photo of Jenson was taken when he and I were hiding from Burton during a game of hide and giggle!!

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  1. Lovely outdoor shots, looks like the boys have had a great week, the hiding picture is adorable

  2. The one with Burton on his tiptoes is brilliant – really like how that’s been captured! The weather has been sooooo lovely it always makes it a nicer week I think! Lets hope its like this for many more weeks yet!

  3. So many gorgeous outdoor photos this week! It does make it a lot easier to take nice photos. That last photo is really lovely

  4. What a ‘settimana movimentata’ week full of movement as they say in Italy. Loving seeing the boys outside and enjoying the fresh air and such dude photos at the end. Gorgeous. Have a great weekend x

  5. Every single one outside as well missy, well done you! Hasn’t the weather been fabulous? I love the action shots of Burton with the hoop, especially the you looking down photo. The one of Jenson chilling at the bottom is so beautiful.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for dry weather for Burton’s party as the garden will be marvellous!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365

  6. Great action shots! Looks like you have a pair of action boys on your hands. Lets hope the weather holds out for lots more outdoor fun.

  7. Loving all the outdoor photos- the weather is much welcomed!! Love the shooting hoops. Jenson is such a gorgeous boy- he looks so pensive waiting to be discovered!

  8. shame rained stopped play. Love the picture of him in mid air as he shoots hoops, well caught. I like the angle where you have taken it from above, great buy there by daddy Lets hope you get plenty of out door play this summer.

  9. So lovely to get outside so much this week. Some lovely shots of both boys, but I think the ones of Jenson are particularly good this week.

  10. Gorgeous pics again! So glad the sun is out and kids can have fun outdoors. Love the basketball capture!

  11. I love the photo taken above the hoop 🙂 Have to say I’m loving your summery header as well. Hope it hasn’t been there ages and I’m only just noticing!

  12. I love your photos so much and that basket ball shot is awesome! Were you hanging out of a window to get that?

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