My Week That Was #12 (Project 365)

Indoor Bouncy Castle (76/365)
I’m A Picture Mummy (77/365)
Crow Point (78/365)
Farm In The Garden (79/365)
Poorly Boy (80/365)
Jenson In The Sunshine (81/365)
Another Day, Another Poorly Boy (82/365)

Sunday – OH and I went to a friends 40th birthday ‘do’ at a French bistro in Bristol which was lovely and the boys spent the day with Granma and Grampy and being such a warm day they played outside for most of it. When we arrived to collect them they were bouncing in the lounge on the small bouncy castle

Monday – Burton went to Ladybirds and it was a lovely day. When he got home we played in the garden on the trampoline mostly. Jenson was funny – he found this toy fencing and said ‘I’m a picture Mummy’!

Tuesday – was glorious so I took the boys to Crow Point an estuary beach and we had so much fun. I took so many lovely photos it was hard to pick just one today! We got home and this afternoon we played in the garden again to make the most of the warm sunshine

Wednesday –  did some crafty work and painting this morning and after lunch we played in the garden with he toy farm set again

Thursday – Burton woke up with a temperature and a horrible cough and spent the day sleepy and laying on the sofa so lots of Peppa Pig was watched by him.

Friday – Burton was still not well but he did do some drawing today with Jenson and here is one of many pictures he drew – it shows Jenson in the sunshine apparently

Saturday – Jenson woke up with a temperature and a runny nose and has spent the day not doing very much. Burton is better but not well enough to go out yet. I was meant to be going on a hen weekend today but have had to cancel due to poorly boys.

And that was my week in photos and words!

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  1. Oh bless them, poor little dabs. I hate seeing them so weak and helpless, it knocks them so quickly and drastically doesn’t it? Love the one of Burton jumping in the sunshine.

    Thanks for linking up.

    (Where’s disqus gone?)

  2. Lovely photos as always. Hope the boys are feeling better. Shame you’ve had to cancel your night out. Nice to get out and have some adult conversation. x

  3. I love the one on the beach, I’ve got a very similar photo of Leo doing the same a few weeks ago.

  4. Love that they got outside to play with the Happyland farm. Hope Jenson is better soon – he won’t want to be ill for his birthday. H is fully recovered now (apart from runny nose). Glad Burton is bouncing back too.

  5. They are growing so fast. Love the jumping on the beach pic. Hope your house is back to full health. And the picture (drawing) is adorable.

  6. I’m loving the picture which looks like he’s flying – H is very confused. “Mummy, why isn’t he flying on that picture? In fact, mummy, why is he flying there?” – ha!

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