1. Look at Jenson’s gorgeous eyelashes! Always the boys eh?! Although C has really thick long lashes like these. Another fun filled week for you all. Love the photo of Burton in the tree! So brave! x

  2. I think Jenson has stolen the show this week especially with that sleeping picture. Sounds like a busy, but fun filled week, for you. Glad you got a night out – can’t quite believe that it’s that long since you had a night out. You need to do it more often.

  3. coombemill

    I love the one on the bike. I think Burton must have been showing Jenson his stones there. Great to see them enjoying their new garden together.

  4. Love these pics. Those eyelashes are amazing! J’s are very long too and it’s often the first thing that is commented on which is funny! I didn’t know there are feet measuring machines out there!!

  5. I’ve got a shot of The Boy holding onto that machine as well! I’ve just commented to Mr. TBaM how Jenson reminds me of The Boy at that age; I think it’s the hair and chubby cheeks. I do like his hair that length.

    Love the branch shot and the cuddly photo.

    Thanks for linking up.

  6. su tyler

    Lovely photos, love one with Jensen asleep. The foot measuring machine looks very sophisticated..different from when I was a Clarks Fittist (back in the 70s)

  7. Another lovely week. You do so well to get out each day. We’re really struggling at the moment, mainly because Little Miss is still so small and has had a cough, and of course the endless potty training. The photos of your boys always make me smile. I love the one of Burton in the tree- just like Oo-Oo!

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