My Boys Now #1 (Flashback Friday)

A year ago Jenson was just coming up to  6 months of age, and Burton was 26 months and they looked like this (taken 13th September 2011)
Burton was a very loving, if a slightly over exuberant big brother (still is really) and on the one hand would shower Jenson with kisses and hugs and squeezes, and in return he would get plenty of smiles from his baby brother. 
I have mentioned before about how worried I was about how my Burton was going to cope with suddenly going from being an only child, the centre of his Daddy’s and my world the recipient of all our love and attention, to having to share his parents time and love and become a brother and a ‘one’ of two children instead of just the one. 
From the start Burton has been very welcoming to his sibling. I have to admit that there have been times when Jenson has been the subject of some rough and tumble, having things thrown at him, being kicked and pushed over, being admitted to hospital twice (pulled elbow each time) and generally being bossed about by his big brother. I think this type of behaviour is inevitable among siblings regardless of their age or sex anyway, and all children are mean to one another at some point, even though you never think they will be. 
However, Burton has also shown such tenderness, kindness and affection for his younger brother, sometimes making me feel the proudest Mummy for having such a loving boy and two loving brothers.  Recently, Burton has been going over to buggies while we are out, which have small children in and stroking their faces or head really gently!! Also at his nursery group the other week he looked after a young boy (about Jenson’s age) who was having his first day at nursery. How sweet is that? I think these little acts of affection and kindness definitely stem from him growing up with a younger sibling.
 The older they become the more they play together too, even if it usually does involve Burton bossily telling Jenson what to do!! And Jenson adores Burton and it is he who makes him laugh the most and in true younger sibling style, Jenson copies everything Burton does which is often the things I would rather he didn’t!! *sighs*
It is still hard work being a mummy to two and very tiring, but its moments like the ones I have captured on my camera below, that make it all worth while and the best job in the world.
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  1. gorgeous photos Jenny. I’ve got one of Jenson looking just like he does in the top left one, pictured with Jack – which got me thinking that it’s very almost a year since we visited you! eek, where has the year gone!

  2. What a lovely post Jenny, and gorgeous photos of your boys too. It was so lovely to read about their relationship and I’m so happy to be giving that to my little man in the near future. X

  3. Jenny I swear your aim is to make me cry with a lot of your posts. This is lovely and the photos are amazing.
    Like we’ve said before, it’s funny that although I have never met your boys I feel like I know them and I think so much of them. They are so lovely and you are so lucky.
    It looks like they have such fun together.
    Jenson has such an adorable mouth, sorry that sounds very weird but the shape of it is so cute, especially when he smiles. xx

  4. So adorable, I love the pictures and your boys remind me so much of my own. It makes my heart swell x

  5. Oh I love them, they’re so cute 🙂 Can’t believe they’ve grown so much and it’s a year since we’ve met. We have to get you to Bristol for a blogger coffee morning or something 🙂 x

  6. I can definitely see a big ‘improvement’ (?) in their relationship lately as Jenson is more capable of playing as an equal to Burton. They are beautiful photos and very tender.

  7. thank you Lucy. your two children will love each other dearly too and no doubt have their ups and downs. they will drive you mad and make you smile but its all good x x

  8. sorry Lauren i really don’t mean too. i feel the same about your two boys too 🙂 i always think how lovely your two boys get along too
    jenson does have a gorgeous smile, thank you x

  9. your two boys have such a lovely relationship , you have done a brilliant job with them. thank you for your lovely comment x

  10. thank you. they have their moments but on the whole they get on well . they are a handful thats for sure x

  11. Jenson can hold his own a bit more than he did. i keep telling `Burton that one day Jenson might be bigger than him!! x

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