My Week That Was – Rain, Sunshine & A Family Wedding

Here is what we got up to in my week that was.
Daddy left very early this morning for work again and won’t return until Wednesday night.
As usual Burton went to Ladybirds and Granma kindly gave him a lift there and back for me. Jenson and I stayed in all day as it rained, and rained and rained some more!
My mum and grandparents came over for the day which was lovely and Burton had great fun showing them all his new birthday toys (again!). 
Late in the afternoon Burton’s other Grandma collected him as he stayed at her house tonight with his cousin Ben again, which has become a weekly treat now.
When they left, my mum, grandparents and I took Jenson to the park as it stopped raining, as he put his shoes and coat on after his brother left and kept pointing to the door and shouting!
It was relatively dry this morning, so Jenson and I popped in to town as I wanted to pop to the post office and change a top in Next, where I picked up a pair of £3 crocs for him as I can’t resist a bargain!  Afterwards I took Jenson to a cafe where we shared a flapjack and he enjoyed people watching.
On the way home it started to rain and we both got quite wet as I hadn’t taken the rain cover for the buggy with us (which is bit stupid considering the wet weather we have been experiencing!). 
Daddy arrived home at 5pm and Granma dropped Burton off about half an hour later. 
I took the boys to the beach at 9am this morning and we were the only ones there asides from people walking their dogs! We only stayed for just over an hour but we had such fun and it was just nice for it to be dry and for us to enjoy the fresh air!
When we got home I gave the boys a bath to wash away half the beach that we managed to bring hone with us! We spent the remainder of the day playing with new toys.
Today was a beautiful day 🙂
I managed to get Burton to try on his racing suit which was a birthday present form my mum and step dad. Daddy was pleased !!
Granma came over mid morning with an older cousin of the boys (Ben’s sister, Charlotte who is almost 8) and she and Burton played together. They stayed for lunch and then afterwards we all went over to Granma’s so that the children could play outside in the sunshine.
Back home, after I gave the boys their tea I left daddy in charge so I could pop to the hairdressers to get my hair washed and straightened ready for the wedding we are attending tomorrow.
We left home just after 8.30am and travelled up to where I originally come from, Newbury in Berkshire for a family wedding. We enjoyed a lovely day and the boys were both so good and really made me and their daddy very proud. They had new little outfits each which my Mum bought for them from Next and they looked so smart and cute. During the church service we sat at the back, but Burton made people laugh as he started singing Happy Birthday and howling like a wolf very loudly a few times during the ceremony!!
We stayed at the hotel where the wedding reception was held. Daddy and Burton rolled in to our room at 10pm as I had gone there at 7.30pm with a tired and ready for bed Jenson, while I was suffering with a migraine so I was feeling a bit rough really 🙁
We stayed at the hotel until 11.30am as Daddy and Burton went swimming with Grandad. 
Then we went to see my grandparents (my dad’s parents) as I haven’t send them since I was pregnant with Jenson!! I didn’t tell them we would be popping in as we couldn’t stay long and I didn’t want them to go to any trouble for our visit. I think they were very surprised and pleased to see us and the boys especially. Sadly I didn’t manage to get a photo of them and the boys together which I had wanted to do, but I am just glad we were able to see them at long last. I wish we could do it more often.
Then we travelled home and the boys pretty much slept the entire journey. We called in to see Granma and Grampy as it was such a glorious day and it seemed a shame to just go home and be stuck indoors. The boys were allowed a bowl of water and they enjoyed splashing themselves and standing in it and getting VERY wet!!
And that concludes our week that was.
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  1. Lovely pictures and a lovely week. I hope your migraine has shifted now.
    Your family all looked great at the wedding, the giant jenga looks fun! Love the racing costume too.
    Have a good week 🙂 x

  2. What a shame that you had a migraine when you were at the wedding sounds like a real case of sods law. The boys look very smart & I love that Burton sang Happy Birthday.

    The picture of the boys feet in water is brilliant.

  3. I can sympathise with migraines- they are just horrible. On a brighter note I love the way you have laid out this weeks post- all the photos are amazing! x

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