10 Ways to Help Your Family Eat Healthier

Eating fruits, whole grains and vegetables are vital in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, for any parent or caregiver having your family eat healthily is a challenge. When you get off from work tired you will think of ordering pizza or take out food to avoid the hassle of cooking. However, healthy eating is essential, and it all starts with simple changes.  

Here is a look at ten ways to help your family eat healthier,  the right way, without even having to look to spend more!

#1. Avoid Trans fats.

Transfats are the worst kind of fats. They increase the chances of cholesterol, which can lead to heart attacks. Although there are fewer foods with trans fats, it would not hurt to avoid them altogether. For instance when you are cooking your meat avoid frying instead bake, grill or boil. Moreover, use a proportional amount of cooking oil or switch to olive oil for good.

#2. Fruits and vegetables are the way to go.

Eating more fruits and vegetables is recommended by any dietician. They are full of fiber; thus, you will feel fuller for longer. They will also train your sweet and salt buds. You can entice your kids to eat more fruits and veggies by using catchy phrases to describe them.

#3. Keep the salt shaker away.

Salting is not the only way to flavor your food. There are other ways, such as using lemon, pepper, and mixing herbs. You should limit your family’s salt intake from when you are cooking. Yes, you don’t need to waste money on a shaker.

#4. Eat whole grains.

Brown rice, whole grain pasta, and entire white grain are what your family should be consuming. Full-grain products are much healthier than their counterparts.

#5. Low-fat dairy.

If your family is into dairy products, then it is time that you slowly cut dairy off. You can start using low-fat dairy products. For instance, instead of using whole milk, use skims milk.

#6. Stay away from sugary drinks.

Brewing your drink might be the best thing you could do for your family. Instead of giving them sugary drinks such as sodas and punch, how about you make your juice.

#7. Gradually reduce food intake.

Did you know that a family consumes 35% more food intake? When you place bowls full of food heaps on the table, your people will consume more. You can regulate that amount of food by leaving it on the stove so that if anyone wants seconds, they can consider how much they want.

#8. No screentime during food time.

If you let your family sit around the TV or the computer while eating it will lead to overeating. Besides eating without any screen time will connect your family.

#9. Schedule regular mealtime.

Regular mealtimes will ensure that no one overeats. Besides, it will help stop unnecessary snack time.

#10. Once you start, don’t stop.

There might be hiccups along the way, but that should not stop you from helping your loved ones eat healthily.

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