5 Life Changing Interior Design Ideas For Small Spaces

When you’re trying to raise a family, you can use all of the space you can get. With little ones running every which way and a seemingly endless supply of stuff and things, where do you keep it all? This all becomes even more of a challenge if you’re in a small space.

The smaller space in our homes tend to end up as kid rooms, offices, and these side areas that are easy to overlook until you realize you’re in desperate need of more space. We’re not always able to add more space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some changes to improve the space you do have. With rising housing prices driving more families to take up smaller living spaces, we need all the help we can get. Here are 5 life changing interior design ideas for small spaces.

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1. Choose Smaller Furniture

This is a great tip for kids rooms in particular. Kids don’t really care about the furniture usually, so opting for smaller pieces will go a long way to saving space. You want your space to maximize their functionality, so just look for smaller things that get the job done just as well.

Does your kid needs a large dresser when they’re getting rid of old clothes left and right? Probably not. Does the room really need a desk when your child isn’t in school yet? Again, probably not. This is the kind of thinking that maximizes on the space you have.

2. Use Mirrors to Create Space

Like we said before, you can’t always add space to your home. At least, not without expensive renovations. However, mirrors do just that for a tiny fraction of the cost. This is a classic interior design trick that makes spaces feel much larger than they actually are.

How does this work? The mirrors bounce light, giving the illusion of a larger room. This is an easy trick to transform any room of your home. Even better, you can pick up a few affordable mirrors just about anywhere.

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3. Add More Cabinets

This mainly applies to your kitchen, but it could also be a good fit for the bathroom or an office. Nothing is worse than not having enough space in the kitchen when you need it most. You’re stuck with clutter on the counter, and you might not have space for the appliances you need.

Adding more cabinets can add the right amount of storage without getting in the way. You might discover you need to replace the cabinets you already have if they aren’t getting the job done or you might choose to add new ones altogether. Either way, kitchen cabinets are the best way to transform your space for more organization.

4. Utilize Corners

How many corners in your home go to waste? For the inexperienced interior designer, corners are a challenge. They’re easy to overlook, and in a small space this is never a good thing. We all know how important it is to prioritize “open spaces” and pushing things to the corner might intrude on this idea.

However, if you’re struggling to make enough space, it’s time to put those corners to use. Using a corner desk, table, or dresser brings more open space in rooms that can usually feel crowded. As long as you’re using the right sized furniture, this is a trick worth trying.

5. Multi-Use Is Your Friend

Finally, make sure the things in your cramped space serve more than one purpose. For a kids room, for example, a toy storage bin that doubles as extra seat is a great way to make your space more usable. Look for unique ways to make your furniture work smarter, not harder.

Many pieces of furniture today are built to expand and do more, so that’s also something to consider. A futon, expanding desk, or a drop leaf table can make the space seem larger when necessary without compromising on functionality.

Multiple the Space You Have

Sometimes we all wish we had more space in our homes. Luckily, you don’t have to live large to have the right space for your family. Oftentimes, we forget that our homes can work for us if we just consider our interior design and organization.

If you’re struggling to make space in your home, consider these ideas above. They’re easy to implement no matter your budget, and you might discover your home is bigger than you thought.

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