5 Healthier Way to Cook Beef That Your Diet Needs

There is always an underlying concern among meat lovers over their health. A lot of meat, particularly red meat, can introduce some health risks to anyone. There is a ton of research that continues to be done about the health benefits of meat and the vice. If you are a beef lover, there is no telling when the cravings come in, and when they do, it counts to keep your portions right and have it well-done.

Luckily, there is more you can do to your beef to make it healthier and serve better dishes. Technically, the trick is all in the preparation and cooking of meat. Find out below the five most essential tips you need to consider in preparing healthier beef dishes:

Cut down on fats

Some people hold the opinion that beef isĀ better smoked than cooked any other way. In that case, the fats in beef cuts are great additives of flavor to the smoked dish result. However, if you want your beef healthier, then you have to cut back on fat. Trim out any excess fats on your meat cuts and leave just enough for flavor. Otherwise, dry frying is also a great way to melt out any excess fats and leave only that which is necessary for the process. In the end, make sure you drain out the fat before adding other ingredients or continuing with the recipe you are following.

As for the minced meat, brown it on a non-stick pan and drain excess fats before proceeding. If you notice your food is drying out after cutting down the fat, consider adding good fats and oils like virgin olive oil. Even then, use very little amounts, probably even less than the recipe suggests.

Cut down on salt

Meat lovers can go overboard with the salt because it brings out the best in beef. However, salt is not good for your health, and can quickly result in blood pressure issues. Instead of all this, use a little salt, along with alternative seasonings such as pepper, herbs, spices, lemon juice, vinegar or mustard. This way, you incorporate more flavors into your food without going overboard with the salt.

Other than that, your dipping and sauces can help bring out more tangy flavors as per your preferences. Experiment with different ingredients and come up with a variety of sauces that can go great with beef cuts, especially grilled beef.

Serve beef with vegetables

The easiest way to convert your meal into a healthy dish is to incorporate as many healthy foods as possible. Beef in itself is not harmful, as long as you cook it right, keep the portions right and avoid too much of it. Instead of avoiding beef altogether, cook it, and serve with veggies. Flavor cooked vegetables with herbs and seasonings to give you the best tastes and complement your beef. Try out with different vegetables and pulses, including, kales, spinach, peas, beans, and lentils. Notice that in the end, you consume more veggies than beef, which is healthier than serving meat on its own or with carbs.

Marinate your beef cuts

Before cooking, regardless of the cooking method you use, marinate your meat. It is a great way to add flavors in your meat and get rid of some excess fats. Try out different ingredients for the marinade, for more taste.

Besides, when grilling your beef and any other method that calls for cooking in very high heat, marinating help in reducing the formation of carcinogenic heterocyclic amines (HCAs), harmful bacteria which are damaging to your health. Remember, the thicker and tougher your beef cuts are, the more time you need to soak them in a marinade for them to absorb as much of it as possible.

Choose healthier side dishes

Once your beef is ready to serve, have healthier options to go with it. Consider adding fiber while reducing fatty foods. Use brown alternatives of rice, pasta, and bread which are rich in fiber, and skim off the fat that gathers on top of the liquids of stews. While at it, use strongly flavored cheeses, or low-fat alternatives.

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