Best places to visit in 2019 for foodies

Tasting the different and unique delicacies in the most renowned cities and countries of the world is a travelling tourism of its own kind. Every city has its own amazing cuisines and dishes. Visiting these countries and places in 2019 is going to be more than fun for all the foodies. Imagine yourself sitting on a balcony of a hotel, sipping your tea and enjoying an amazing time with all the refreshments there can be on the table. This feeling is going to be irresistible and beyond your expectations.

When you are having lunch at your home, eating your most favourite cuisine, the feeling is simply awesome. But imagine eating the best French dish on a rooftop with a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower, this feeling cannot be compared with any other, and you will want that moment to never fade away. Even if it is a simple cup of coffee at one of the most pristine locations, the sensation will be completely different for you. It will also automatically improve the taste of that dish, and everything will seem best in that moment. To experience this amazing feeling, we are going to discuss the best places to visit in 2019 for all the foodies. So read this article, and enjoy the best time of your life eating at beyond an amazing place.

Travelling for food is the best feeling you can live

Travelling takes you to new places with amazing cultures and traditions. Each city or country has its own significant culture, which goes back centuries and even millennia. Their practices are also unique, and a result of different things that influences them such as their religion, the climate of the place, landscape, and etc. With each difference comes a new tradition that also includes meeting new people, doing new things, seeing new places, discovering cities, and trying new delicious delights. There are many places on Earth that are known to us for providing amazing food items to eat. In this article, we are going to discuss just that. These places have a special charm that attracts travellers from all across the world to its food stalls, restaurants, and eateries.

So read this article, and find more about the best places for foodies to visit in 2019

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10 best cities in the world for foodies

San Francisco, California – United States of America
San Francisco is the food capital of California. The City of Golden Gate Bridge is known for food not only in the United States of America but all over the world. There are so many exquisite and unique dishes in this city that you can try Cioppino, Mission-Style Burrito, Dungeness crab, Ghiradelli hot fudge sundae, and much more. This city has a lot to offer to all its visitors. There are so many attractive restaurants where you can dine and have these delights. You can also take away from different food stalls that will serve you with the best from the roadside.

As I have already mentioned earlier in the article, you can easily reach there by finding cheap flights to San Francisco. You can do this for all the cities mentioned in this article. In this way, you can find a discount on your flights as well as accommodation and transfers.

Bangkok – Thailand
Food sold on the street side stalls is simply irresistible in Bangkok. There are a lot of food items available on the streets, including sweets and other desserts. Their smell is so amazing that you just have to stop and taste what is so special about it. The Chinatown of Bangkok is also known worldwide for its food side stalls, and delicacies. When visiting Thailand, do eat some food from street stalls, or your trip will be incomplete.

Tokyo – Japan
Tokyo is the capital of Japan. Although it is known for so many reasons, Tokyo has the highest quantity of Michelin restaurants. This quality makes it one of the most delicate eatery city in the world. Its food items are known all over Asia, Europe, and the Americas, and people travel to this city just to try its amazing food items. 2018 is going to be extra special in terms of food as Tokyo is hosting some great festivals for all the food lovers.

Durban – South Africa
Durban has some of the highest numbers of immigrants from the Subcontinent of India. This is the reason why there are so much diversity and taste in its food. When combined with local Africans, the food becomes so amazing and tasty that people tend to try it again and again. Durban also experiences an ideal year-round weather, which makes it even better to enjoy the food.

New Orleans, Louisiana – USA
Eating food from any local gas station in New Orleans, Louisiana is better than dining in an expensive restaurant on the whole continent. The food is simply delicious and can satisfy each and every taste bud in your mouth. There are some great food stalls, restaurants, markets and like I said, at any gas station that will help you believe again in traveling for food.

Hong Kong
Most of Hong Kong is covered with entire districts of food streets. The residents of this international city are crazy about food, and they offer almost every kind of food to their visitors. The food craze is so much in this city that different restaurants have started opening their franchises there. Do try some food there when visiting this city.

Karachi – Pakistan
Karachi is a multi-cultural city in Pakistan which is known as the City of Lights. But one quality of this city that differentiate it from any other city in the world is its food, and there is every kind of food you can find there. This city is full of food streets and you can practically find a food market after every 2 or 3 kilometers. Although there are many other cities in Pakistan that are known for their food items, it is Karachi that leaves them all behind due to its diverse culture. Karachi also hosts multiple food festivals throughout the year, and Karachiites love to eat food than any other thing.

Delhi – India
Delhi has some great food streets and restaurant. The old city is especially known for its cuisines all over the world. Tourists who are traveling to this city should always try some delights of this town. Even the food you find on simple street stalls is irresistible. The smell of samosas and another fried item will never leave your nose. And your taste buds will always want to taste the Delhi delights long after you have returned from this cit

Mexico City – Mexico
Mexico City is not only the capital of Mexico, but it is also the capital of tacos. Even the simplest taco stands in this city have the best tortillas and grilled meats, with every other thing enough to make your mouth water. If you have had enough of it, then there are a lot of other things to eat and drink in this city. Explore Mexico City and find what it has to offer.

Rome – Italy
Rome is the capital of Italy, and from this city came all the blessings such as pizza, pasta, and other amazing dishes we all love. There are different restaurants as well as street side stalls from where you can buy delicacies. Rome is also known for its meat cuisines as Italians love to eat meaty treats. You can expect some delicious meat items as well as other vegetable cuisines if you prefer veggies.

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