How to Encourage Your Kids to Study

For all the delight and wonder that kids bring into our lives, there’s also another key fact to consider; at times, they can be little terrors. This is especially proven true when it comes to studying, a time where they need to set aside their video games and plans with pals to get some work done.

Tantrums, shouting, anger – these aren’t uncommon characteristics of the petulant child refusing to their homework. Still, while the debate around the quantity of homework rages on, your primary concern should be to ensure your kids get their work done!

Consequently, here’s how to encourage your kids to study.

Explain Studying

Sometimes, how you engage with your child can really change things. First, try to talk to them in a mature and fair fashion. Briefly dispose with the ‘because I said so’ parenting lines; it’s cliché and frankly, it’s not a relatable reason to really do anything. Fear isn’t a healthy motivator, encouragement is! Instead, fairly explain the importance of study, and the benefits it can have on their life. Try to turn them around to your way of thinking!

While this might seem like a patronising or redundant way forward, it could be that your child thinks studying is ‘pointless’ and something they’re forced to do. Of course, they’d think otherwise if they had some incentive and understanding of educations purpose; so, tell them! Job prospects, salary earnings, mortgages, bills, the economy at large – inform them that the more they study, the better these things could be for them in the future. It’s unfair to assume that a drab school book alone will provide them with an incentive to learn, so give them that sense of purpose and self-importance.

Group Study

If your child finds study time to be isolating and depressing, perhaps consider contacting their friend’s parents. Together, you could combine resources and organise a group study session for your kids. For example, they could study together for an hour in silence, then break and play some games or go out for a bit. After then, it’s back to the books!

Strategies like these will not only boost your kid’s academic prospects, but it’ll also improve their social relationships too. They may not feel as bogged down and miserable by the workload, and may even help their friends, or receive help from them. They could even test each other! Arrange a group study session, and it may inject a fun factor into study time!

Suitable Environment

Study and schooling can be quite clinical and, honestly, boring. Even the environment can make a big difference in influencing moods and motivation, so try to keep this in mind in your own home. Is your child studying in a communal area like the dining room, and thus becoming easily distracted? Does the space truly feel like a work environment?

Instead, consider devoting an entire, bright study room to your child’s efforts. This way, as soon as they enter the space they’ll think and feel like they’re in work mode. They’ll be more determined and focused, all their equipment will be to hand, and they’ll less inclined to wonder into the kitchen or stare out the window. Head over to Cox & Cox to pick up some quirky lights, get a desk and lamp too, and your child may just enjoy studying a bit more than they would otherwise!

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