Family Friendly Meals That Kids Will Love

Family meal time is the most important part of the day; it not only allows time for parents and children to share each other’s company and talk about their day, but it’s also a time when parents can ensure that their children get high quality food which provides all the minerals and vitamins they need.

We all know that kids can be fussy eaters, however, so it’s important that we find food they enjoy but which will still give them the nutrients and energy their growing bodies need. Don’t worry, here are four family friendly meals that are healthy, easy to prepare, and that your kids will love.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Kids love spaghetti because it’s so much fun to eat, after all who could forget that hilarious scene from Disney’s Lady And The Tramp? Meatballs are child friendly ingredients too, and when paired together they create a great looking meal that’s fun to eat, super tasty and nutritious as well. It’s

also incredibly easy to make, and your children can create the meatballs by squashing together sausage meat into a ball shape, while you create the spaghetti and sauce. You can add lots of chopped up vegetables to the pasta sauce, making it even more healthy without your kids realizing.

Mushroom and Chickpea Burgers

Today’s kids are very socially aware, and care passionately for animals and the environment, which is why increasing numbers of them have become vegetarian or vegan. If your child is one of them, they can still enjoy all the fun of a tasty burger – simply make them one crafted from mushrooms and chickpeas. All you need to do it mash some chickpeas with a fork before adding chopped mushrooms and spring onions. Form into a traditional burger shape, season, and then fry in a little oil for around four minutes each side. It’s quick to prepare and cook, and they’ll be eaten just as quickly too.

Fish Cakes

Every child loves a fishcake, and while you can buy ready prepared ones from your local supermarket, it’s always better to prepare your own as that means you’ll know exactly what goes into them. Cook white fish with spring onions in milk, drain, and then mix in mashed boiled potatoes. If it looks rustic at this point, that’s all the better. Form into patties, add a little black pepper, cover with an egg wash and then coat with breadcrumbs. It’s as simple as that; you don’t need any additives or added sugars, simply fry or oven bake, and enjoy.

Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Pizza is a great family meal, as it’s loved by all ages. You can buy readymade pizza dough that you stretch out into the traditional circular base, and you and your kids can then make your own fun and flavorsome toppings. Barbecue chicken works really well; simply chop some chicken into bite size pieces and coat it in a BBQ sauce mix; cutting boards from Virginia Boys are ideal for this task, as by using one of their walnut chopping boards you won’t make a mess of your kitchen work surface, and they’re also hygienic and easy to clean. Place the chicken mix and a tomato sauce onto the pizza, and feel free to add cheese, mushrooms and peppers before cooking for approximately 15 minutes.

Spaghetti and meatballs, pizzas, vegetarian burgers and fish cakes are all classic meals that kids will love, and parents will enjoy tucking in too. When you make these meals yourself, you can ensure that they’re fresh, wholesome and have all the nutritional content your children need. Food hygiene is important of course, so use wooden chopping boards and clean after each use. Now family meal times can be more fun than ever before.

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