Why Buying Organic Pork Is Best

Is there anything better on a Sunday than a traditional roast dinner with all the trimmings? I enjoy making a roast dinner for my family. It is the one meal of the week where I really go to town, take my time cooking it and make it as tasty and appealing as I can.

Because we only eat a roast maybe once or twice a month, I like to treat my family to the best quality meat I can afford. To me this means buying organic. When you buy organic produce you are choosing to eat great tasting produce that has not been exposed to synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, no growth promoting drugs, no routine antibiotics, or the large amount of additives often used in ‘non-organic’ methods.

Plus if you buy organic meat you know that the animals lived a good life prior to being killed, and were free to roam about outdoors. Thus assisting in the great flavour of the cooked meat too.

Where possible it is even better if my meat has come from a farm shop. Then I know for sure where my meat has come from, and it is reassuring that the food I put in front of my family is traceable, British and we are helping to support our farmers.

Our favourite roast is probably beef. For me I love the fact that this is an excuse to make some Yorkshire puddings and I also love the flavour of the gravy. Am I the only person who loves to drown their dinner in gravy???

However, it is nice to try other roasted meat from time to time. Take this recipe for Roast Pork Shoulder from Graig Farm. Is there anything easier than slow cooking your joint of meat in your slow cooker /crock pot? I love it because not only does it make the meat super tender and juicy, it means that the slow cooker is doing all the hard work allowing me to get on with other jobs!

By ordering your meat and produce from farm shops you are also able to cut down on your plastic packaging waste. It is a real bug bear of mine as to the amount of  unnecessary plastic film and plastic boxes are used to house meat, fruit and vegetables in when you purchase them from supermarkets. In fact I now have a farm shop delivery once a week to bring me a veggie box, because I am so fed up with all the plastic I put out for recycling every week. 

Ultimately,  ordering organic fresh produce from farm shops is more expensive than visiting a local supermarket. However,  if you are able to afford to do it, even once a month, it is definitely worth it for peace of mind that the food you are feeding your family is safe and superb tasting food. 


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