Packing guide for Under 5’s: What to take with you

Travelling with kids under five can be stressful. The best way to stay stress-free is to plan ahead, which starts with packing.

As well as all the important travel documents, here’s a list of the ten things you should take with you when packing for children who are under the age of five. 

1. Waterproofs

If you’re all going to be spending a lot of time outside, making sure your kids are dressed for nature is a must. Provide them with all in one waterproofsto make sure they stay clean and dry during their outdoor play. 

2. Multiple shoes

When those under five begin to find their feet, there’s no stopping them. This is why a sturdy pair of shoes is a must. It’s also a good idea to pack a few extra pairs just in case one pair gets wet, muddy or damaged from their adventures. 

3. Snacks

A sugary biscuit bribe could be the only thing in between you and a tantrum, so it’s a good idea to have some of your child’s favourite snacks to hand. No matter how old you are, long journeys can be exhausting and can make you extra peckish so bite-sized food is a must. Not only this, but you’re on holiday so a few extra treats during your break is expected. 

4. Entertainment

Even if you’re trying to go tech-free, there are some benefits to bringing extra entertainment with you. Whether you give your little one’s time in front of the screen for a quiet evening in, or to distract them during long journeys; entertainment can be key to a stress-free holiday. 

5. Comfort items

It can take time for anyone to adjust to sleeping in a new environment, but for young children, this can take a while. Ease the process by taking along comfort items, such as their favourite teddy, a blanket, pillow or nightlight.

6. Books

With a busy day to day schedule, you may not have time to read to your children as much as you’d like. But, with lots of free time on holiday, it’s a great opportunity to read your children to sleep with abedtime story. Obviously, books can be heavy, so pick just one or two to bring with you. 

7. First aid kit

Little scrapes and bruises can happen so it can be a good idea to pack with you a small first aid kit with the essential items inside. Plasters, antibacterial wipes, antiseptic, painkillers and tweezers are a must. 

8. Emergency contact numbers

Before you set off, research the area you’re travelling to and note down the details of the local hospitals in case of emergencies. If you’re in another country, it’s a good idea to record the local accident numbers too. 

9. Wet wipes

No matter where you travel to, kids under five do tend to get mucky, especially after dinner or playing outside. Pack extra wet wipes to store in your day bag so you can quickly clean up a mess at a moment’s notice. 

10. Camera

Holidays are the time to make memories and what better way to remember them than with holiday photos. Take a camera or video camera to store all of your holiday moments to have for a lifetime. 

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