Top 3 Suggestions For A Day Out In London

Knowing you have a trip planned to London booked in your calendar can be the highlight of not only the week but the whole month. Kids will be sleepless the night before and it’s an excuse to dress up a little bit if you know you’ll be staying for the evening too.

The hard part can be a unique and fun-packed day that feels like it isn’t just full of the usual tourist traps. London has something for everyone, so there’s no ‘ideal’ time of year to visit. Whenever you decide to go, justtake a browse around ‘what’s on’ sites to pick amongst the plethora of exciting options.

The Tate Modern

There’s a misconception that the Tate Modern is for chin-stroking contemporary art enthusiasts. However, the interactive nature of its exhibits makes it a fun gallery for both young and old. As luck would have it, their current exhibition with artist Olafur Eliasson provides exhibitsthat can be marvelledat whatever age you are. Their infamous turbine hall also providesa hugespace for kids to let off some steam, without being completelyout of sight. Some of the stranger, interpretive exhibits can make for some interesting discussions, and at the very least some jokes as to what it might be trying ‘say.’

A captivating evening

Having an evening with something truly all-encompassing rounds off any London trip with a bang. Something like the BFI IMAX screen, which is Britain’sbiggestfilm screen and situated in London Waterloo is just one of those experiences. Seeing a film you’ve been dying to see on a jaw-dropping screen can feel just as real as a performance. However, if seeing a filmdoesn’t seem like a big-enough evening, West End musicals are always a big hit with the kids, and leave you feeling like it’s been an all-glittering night in the big city.  Seeing a costume-heavy performance such as Wicked or The Lion King might even make for some interestingbirthday party themes later in the year.

Be cool at Carnaby Street

It’s true that many people bring their families for some retail therapy where there’s an abundance of all the high-street favouritesbut on a much larger scale. However, places like Oxford Street can be overwhelming and a nightmare if you have small children in tow. Therefore, going to the former epicentreof 60s cool, Carnaby Street, is an ideal place to find unique shops but in a less busy and more confined area. There are plenty of trendy cafes to take a break and grab a coffee, and independent bands to browse through.

Whether you go by train, coach or drive it, you’re bound to come back from your trip ready to put your feet up after a long day exploring what London has to offer. If you spend the day wearing an imaginary beret at an art gallery or spend the day lugging shopping bags around, you’ll be leaving the big city with something – physical or virtual.

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