The Best Gear to Make Naptime for Babies fun!

If your baby isn’t sleeping enough, there are ways you can make them have more restful sleep filled with fun dreams. Here are a few accessories that can help you out.

Sleeping Clothes

A baby can sleep easy with comfortable clothes. Clothes that feel itchy or uncomfortable can make your baby squirm and feel like they can’t get any Z’s. Buy clothes that are comfortable and designed for sleeping. It’s an easy way to get the baby more sleep.

White Noise Device

Are you someone who just can’t sleep without a fan, or some other kind of white noise, on? If so, then your baby might not be either. White noise can help eliminate bumps in your house, dog barking, ringing phones, and other sounds that can wake your baby up. White noise drowns that out with sound that’s calming and can put you to sleep relatively quickly.

Having a white noise machine is easy. You can use a fan to fill the room with white noise. There are apps on your phones or videos on your computers that can play rain sounds or other white noise. Some devices, such as the DEX Sound Sleeper, work as well.

You also may want to look into the best touch and feel books for babies too, since it might relax them and get them to sleep.

Blackout Curtains

Light can make it difficult for a baby to sleep. When the sun comes in, the baby wakes up, and so does half the house. Using blackout curtains can hide the light and make it easier to sleep. Give them a try and see the difference. When the baby grows up, they will be more likely to sleep through the day, but a dark room is still beneficial for sleep.


A mobile for your crib can help a wound-up baby sleep much better. It plays relaxing music, projects images that are relaxing to look at, and can make even the most energetic babies feel calm.

With that said, some mobiles are created differently. There are some that can stimulate the baby and keep them up longer. Make sure you’re buying the right kind of mobile.


A lovey is a blanket that is shaped like a cute animal. For a baby, it’s like a friend that keeps them comfy and allows them to sleep better. There are many kinds of loveys, and they all look quite cute. We say give them all a try if you want to.


If you’re traveling, it can be hard for your baby to have some peace and quiet. Especially if they’re in a car with light everywhere, or are in a stroller. This is where a snoozeshade comes in. These are covers for car seats and strollers, and they act like blackout curtains. Combined with a white noise machine, they are great ways for your baby to fall asleep no matter where they are. This allows the baby to be nice and peaceful, not disturbing you or anyone else in the public.

Swaddling Blanket

A swaddling blanket allows you to wrap your baby up like a burrito. Having a heavy blanket over the baby can make them feel more comfortable, especially if they are a newborn. Miracle Blankets are a type of swaddling blanket that makes the process even easier. It’s safe for the baby, and you don’t need to fold the blanket to use it. We recommend it for anyone who wants their baby to sleep peacefully. Extra nappies might be a good idea as well.

How Much Sleep Does a Baby Need?

With that said, you may wonder how much sleep a baby needs. Is your newborn or young baby getting enough sleep?

It’s hard to say. The truth is that some babies sleep almost all day, and some only need eight or so hours of sleep. For a parent, it’s more convenient if a baby is sleeping all the time, but they may not need that much sleep, honestly. If your child wakes up wetting the bed, they may need more sleep.

If you feel like your baby isn’t getting enough sleep, talk to your doctor and see how much they think your baby needs. They may need more or less depending on who they are.

We hope that this helped you find ways to make your baby sleep more. When the baby is asleep, the parents are at ease, too. Sweet dreams.

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