My Goals for 2019

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At the start of every new year I try to make some new years resolutions. In the past I have made many and predictably, I have failed to make a lot of them come true or last long if at all. Nowadays, I prefer to call them goals as this sounds more achievable to me somehow, I think the whole new year new me attitude is more positive and more relatable to me personally, than using the term ‘resolutions’. 

In the same way I hate the word ‘diet’ (which has also been another broken resolutions from years gone by!). It is like as soon as I start a ‘diet’ I am doomed to fail because it makes me just want to do the opposite. For some reason resolution conjures up the same feelings within me. 

Anyway, I digressed slightly. So as I do at the end of every year, I think back to what I achieved during the last 12 months , what I liked/disliked and I have a think about what personal goals to set for myself with the start of a new year. To draw a line and start again , something which I expect we all do to some degree.  

So here are my goals for 2019:

Be more organised

I am not very organised. I use to be once upon a time when I had a job in marketing, and had to work months in advance and therefore had to be on top of my work. So to aid me this year, it is a simple think really, but I have bought a calendar which I have stuck on my fridge, and I am going to write down appointments and important dates for me and my family. 

Meal Planning

I did do quite a bit of meal planning last year, but its tailed off after the summer holidays. Therefore, I am starting again in 2019, and planning what we will eat as a family week by week. Not only will this help me as part of my ‘be more organised’ goal, it will hopefully help me to budget better and therefore spend less on my weekly grocery shopping. 

Regaining my  Cyber Privacy

As a blogger and someone who uses social media every day through its various channels, I am very aware of potential threats to my privacy through cyber hacking. As I am sure is the case for many of us, much of my important personal details are out there for anyone to potentially get hold off. Bank details, tax information , passwords and so on are all accessed via the web from where I have on line banking , or for lofting onto various websites. This means that I am a at risk of having my accounts hacked and for someone to discover my important data. Therefore, going forward I need to make sure I have taken all precautions to protect my on line privacy and safe guard important and personal data.

Maintain and Improve my Running 

Last year I managed to continue my running journey with some success. I only started running in September 2017, having never ran properly since my school days. With the encouragement and support of some fellow running mums, I ran a total of 304 miles, something which I am very pleased with and proud of myself. Therefore, not wishing to end my running  but only to improve my techniques and times, I have decided that this year I want to reach 400 miles. I also want to enter some 10k races too. 

So these are my (initial) aspirations for the coming year. Have you made any for yourself? 



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