Kid’s Party Ideas for a Wet or Cold Day

Growing up a winter child is no doubt a frustrating experience, having a birthday close to the big festival of Christmas and not being able to enjoy the outdoor warmth like a summer-born kid.

Although it’s not all bad, in the winter, there’s plenty of festivities around to enjoy and the pleasant winter decorations like pretty lights and glittering trees. If your child has a birthday coming up in the Autumn and Winter seasons, keep these party ideas in mind for their celebration;

Bowling/Arcade Party

Bowling is a great idea for kid’s parties of all ages, with many alleys offering dedicated party rooms with a menu and goody boxes after the main event. Plenty of the popular bowling alleys also feature arcades onsite, great for the kids to hang out in while waiting for guests to arrive or get picked up.

Soft Play/Indoor Play Centre

Soft or indoor play centres offer a great variety of large play options for kids up to preteen age, with lots of the big chains attached to popular gastropubs, it’s the perfect way to take care of both entertainment and food for your party guests. The guests are sure to go home worn out after a good hour or two in the indoor play centre and the adults can spend some time together in the dedicated waiting areas, often boasting a coffee bar for drinks and snacks.

Children’s Sports Party

Sports aren’t just for outdoors, there are plenty of sports halls and gym centres that have facilities to hold kids parties, even dedicated children’s sports centre, look at this site for further information on the types of party options available at a kid’s sport venue and if you have one near you. If not, get in touch with your local sports centre to find out if they offer party packages or venue hire for a sports party. Sports could include football, tennis, badminton or even swimming if you have a local swimming hall.

Create an Indoor Obstacle Course

Into crafts or know a crafty person who’s got time to spare? You could create an indoor obstacle course for your party guests to tackle, either a long one or a couple of short courses that can be raced safely between each other or to beat their own personal time, with awards for the fastest and most creative completion. Boxes can be used to make mazes to get through, ribbons can be strung up along corridors to replicate “laser beams” to avoid by crawling under or climbing over them and tape can be used on hard floors to mark hopscotch courses, tightrope walks and areas to jump between. If you don’t have room at home, consider hiring a party venue or local hall and leave plenty of time for set up and pack down.

Crafting Indoors

A great excuse to get messy, lay down some floor protection, set up a couple of tables with tablecloths and set out some bits to craft with. You can either let the kids go full creative and make up what they want to craft or print out some instruction sheets for some themed crafts to accompany a themed party. Craft bits can include square sheets for origami, paints and paper sheets for pictures, cardboard tubes for making models, rocks for painting, textiles and pipe cleaners for sculpting with. It’s completely up to you how much you make available and if you direct the theme for your party guests.

There’s no end of inspiration when your autumn or winter season child is hoping for a fun party activity. You could even consider; a cinema party, cooking/baking party or a rainy-day party – where the kids get their raincoats and boots on and head out on a scavenger hunt. The only restriction is your imagination, so get creative!

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