The Top 2018 Food Trends You Need to Know About

2018 seems to be the year of quick easy recipes that are good for the heart and soul. People are thinking about the environment and making food choices that aren’t only healthy for them but also Mother Nature. Local food has got a tremendous boost in the past seven month and food technology has grown faster than ever. 

The Top 2018 Food Trends You Need to Know About

Here are six top 2018 food trends that have made a difference in the food industry.


  1. Timut pepper

Timut pepper from Nepal is the newest addition of seasoning to our ever expanding list. The zesty and surprisingly fruity flavor for the Nepalese local leaves a long tingling effect on the taste buds. Crush it fresh and add to your glass of gin and tonic with a dash of honey. It’s one delicious food trend indeed!  


  1. Plant protein

With so many turning vegan and vegetarian, finding an alternative to high protein meat is necessary. There are a lot of plant sources that are high in protein including sprouts, pulses, soy and soy products, and tempeh that vegans are switching to, to get their daily protein requirement.


  1. South American cuisine

South American cuisine has sudden fame all around the world from India to the United Kingdom. Peruvian, Brazilian, and Mexican food and a fusion of Mexican and Japanese food are loved for their flavours and deep fragrance. 

Arepas, a type of Mexican pizza has become a favorite among those who’ve tried it. Raw foods from these three countries have gained popularity as well, which include purple potato, kiwicha seeds, chia seeds, and quinoa. 


  1. Fourth meal of the day 

Rather than eating three large meals a day, people are now switching to smaller four meals a day. And the fun part is, the fourth meal is a treat, so you can eat anything you want but in limited quantities. Meal system has become less structured over the decades, so it only suits for a fourth meal, which you can eat whenever you are hungry. 


  1. Gut-friendly food 

Gut health has become more important than ever, especially since there’s been so much research. Kefir, miso, and kimchi are called probiotics and has become a heart burn reliever. They act as food for gut organisms and support growth of healthy microbes. 


  1. Specialised teas

Tea bars have popped up around the world serving infused teas, making you feel no less than a British royal. They host tea time with British sandwiches and scones. You can also buy tea powder or petals from them to drink at home. Warning – they are pretty expensive. 


These are only a few food trends that have hit the world. Vegan food has gotten a lot fancier and acceptable. Indonesian food parlours serve the best and most Instagram friendly food you can find anywhere else in the world. 


Which one of these is your favorite food trend this year? Let me know in the comments below 

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