If I Won the Lottery

How many times have you day dreamed about what you would do if you won the lottery? If you are like me, then I would say a LOT! It is always a question that pops into my head whenever I hear competitions on the radio where you can ring up and try to win a large sum of money. 

In fact my boys and I only discussed this the other day while driving home from school, while our local radio station were advertising a money winning competition. They asked me what I would spend the money on if I won, so I told them that if I were to win a lottery I would love to do the following:

Road Trip Across America 

There is something about America that has always appealed to me probably in part due to the films and TV shows I have watched over the years which have shown off its amazing landscapes, monuments, buildings and coastal views. Road trip movies like Thelma and Louise have always stuck in my mind, and not just because it was the first time I saw and fell in love with Brad Pitt! The stunning scenery that was the back drop to the film had me captivated and  he fact that it showed two women heading off for a weekend  road trip appealed to me (and Brad Pitt of course *ahem*!).  There are so many parts of the country that I would like to see and explore that it would need to be more than a fortnights holiday! Therefore, what I would love to do hire a winnebago and take my family on a long road trip around the USA and see everything it has to offer. To be able to live in such a big home on wheels would be a lot of fun, and to be able to just pull over and sleep without the need for motels would be perfect also.

House Renovations

Our house needs a complete make over. Not every room to be fair, but almost all of it needs a lick of paint, new flooring, new furniture and in the case of my children’s bedrooms, re-plastering and some electrical work! Doing up a home is a never ending task though, because unless you have a windfall you can only ever renovate so much of it at a time. Furthermore, as soon as the entire house has had each room decorated, and revamped, it is time to start all over again with the rooms you did first as they will be looking tired/out dated again, due to the amount of time taken to take do up the whole house!! Therefore, if I were to win a huge cash prize thanks to the lottery, then I could get most of the house rennovated in one go which would be amazing. 

Of course if I had any money leftover, I would love to put some away for the boys for when they are older. I would also very much like some put away for me,  so that every now and then I could treat myself to a beauty treatment or even have a cleaner come round and deep clean my house for me!

So come on then, if you were to win a large lottery cash prize, what would you spend it on?

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