How to Create More Room Around Your Home

If you have a growing family, or would just like a few changes around the home to make it bigger, there are usually quite a few options to help make more of your property. From simple, quick changes through to larger projects, we have a few ideas that will help create some extra space either for the kids to run wild in or for you to take quiet refuge in!


If you have enough room at the rear or side of your house, then adding a conservatory can give you an extra room to enjoy. Generally, a conservatory does not require an application for planning permission as long as it is not going to take up more than half the area around the original house boundary. Costs vary depending on the size and quality, but you are usually looking at between £6000 and £20,000.


Basement space

 If you have a cellar/basement in your property but it is cold and damp and not a place that you would like to spend any time, there are changes that can make it a more habitable and welcoming area of the home. To start with, you can damp proof it with a process called basement tanking, where a liquid-proof coating is applied to the walls and floors.

You can find basement tanking companies in London that will come and provide this service. Then your basement will be in much better shape to turn into a livable area of the home. You probably wouldn’t want to set up a bedroom there due to no natural light but you could have it as a reading room or a workshop, for example.


Multi-functional furniture

You can minimise the amount of furniture you have by buying furniture that is multipurpose in that it will act as storage space as well as a bed or table etc. So next time you buy furniture, look for ones that have more than just a nice design, look at tables with drawers, get a divan bed that has several drawers to store clothes and buy an ottoman seat instead of a standard chair. In children’s rooms you can buy bed units where the actual bed is on a higher level and cupboards, desks etc. are built underneath it.



The most obvious solution is to get rid of the items that you no longer use but sometimes you just do not realise how little you are using items. If your kids are reluctant to let old toys go that they no longer use, then operate a one in/one out policy for toys and they will soon get on board! Showing them how nice it is to give their old toys to charity shops will also help them to be more willing to part with old favourite toys and games.

It is not just the kids that manage to accumulate loads of unnecessary items either, so if you have been storing magazines or old books that you will never read again then recycle and take those books down to the charity shop. Do you still have old DVDs and CDs, or even videotapes and cassettes? Unless you have a strong sentimental attachment, there really is no need to hold onto these when you have all the music you need on your devices.

Go through your wardrobe and throw out anything that you have not worn in the last year, apart from sentimental items. If you have not worn them in the last 12 months then the chances that you will ever wear them again are very low.



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