Custom Cake Delivery Ideas for a Great Surprise Party

For most people, every momentous occasion calls for some cake. Birthday parties, bridal showers, graduation parties, baby showers, and weddings are some of the events that are commonly ‘marked’ by a cake. Despite readymade cakes being popular, custom-made cakes remain the best way to show special love and appreciation. These can be ordered from a chef or bakery and come with personalized features that if done the right way, will blow you – and your intended recipient’s brains away.

This post looks at five amazing custom cake delivery ideas for a memorable surprise party. 

  1. Costco
    Not all surprises are pleasant; in this context, a birthday or wedding party can easily take a wrong turn when the wrong cake is delivered. Some hearts might be broken if the celebrant’s preferences were not considered in the cake selection process.

    To avoid all that and many more unpleasant experiences, simply do due diligence beforehand. Order from the best places. One of them could be Costco. Consult their chef or vendor on the way to bring the best cake into life. Be sure to also compare the quoted prices with prices of other similar cakes to make sure you get the best quality for the best price. You can find out comparable prices at

  2. Bake me a Wish
    Planning for a surprise party requires to apply top-level planning, coordination, and organizational skills. You should plan for the delivery in a way that it will not be so obvious and that also gives space for unforeseen delays. Coordinate with the Bake me a Wish chef of the bakery on the baking timelines and thereby decide when to deliver. They are well-known for their professionalism so you won’t be disappointed. The person doing the delivery also needs to know where to deliver, the preferred delivery time and the packing requirements.

    3. We Take the Cake
    If you are planning a surprise party for one of your friends, you might be startled to find out you are not alone on that. In case they are planning something similar, seek to collaborate with them for a super event. You can come up with the delivery idea, which in this case can be We Take the Cake. They offer a wide variety of options to choose from. Buyers can choose from ready-made cakes, corporate or custom cakes.

  3. Carousel Cakes 
    Make sure that when making a deal with your chef, bakery or vendor, request them to give you a number to call in case of an emergency on or before the delivery date. This can be a person who might be able to assist you in case the seller is not able to deliver due to some reason.Carrousel cakes are open to any requests from the clients, in order to make the order experience as pleasant as possible.
  4. Walmart
    It is always essential to have some knowledge of nearby bakeries, pastry shops and grocery stores which stock cakes. You should also know about their average prices as most sites giving custom cake delivery ideas do not mention them. In the unfortunate case, your original plan doesn’t work as expected, purchase another cake from the available stores and get the party going. Walmart is well known for its proximity to almost every home, so you should be safe in case of a cake-emergency. This does not mean you should consider them only under these circumstances, though. It is solely a place with one of the best cakes on the market.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that having the RIGHT cake will make the occasion even better for your friend or family member. So make sure you find the perfect missing piece of their surprise party. Hopefully, the above custom cake delivery ideas give you a clue on how to go about the process.


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