Project 365, 2016. Weeks 36 & 37.

So the boys returned to school. I returned to work. Normality kind of returned, but I was sad that it had to. Before you know it Christmas will be here ! Yeah, sorry about that reminder 😉

Anyway, we tried to make the most of the last few days of the holidays, although the weather did to play fair unfortunately. So it was spent catching up with friends and walking mostly.

This has now ended up being a two week catch up, as I was too late in linking up last week.  

Last week our photos looked like this:

Sunday – so much rain!!! So may aswell embrace the water and go for a puddle adventure!

Monday – a bit drier today, we even saw a rainbow!

Tuesday – we went to meet friends at a nearby adventure park and then made pizzas for tea

Wednesday – back to school

Thursday – Burton showed me around his new classroom and I noticed his self portrait on the wall!

Friday – this evening we went to the local village pub to say goodbye to some friends 

Saturday – a blustery beach adventure 

This week looked like this:

Sunday – we returned to the beach this afternoon and Jenson fell over! The wind was colder than yesterday, so I was glad when we left!

Monday – Burton showed me his class wall murial that they worked on last week (he helped with le Chien)

Tuesday – froggy muffins for tea tonight (aka spinach, apple & cheese muffins). I am fed up with making the same meals each week, so this week we tried 4 new dishes (these, a moussaka, sweet and sour chicken meatballs and around Dahl inspired recipe which I cannot spell as it was so long!)and this was the first and probably the boys least favourite, although they ate one so they weren’t that bad! Despite their protests! I thought they were nice actually.

Wednesday – Jenson is already getting ideas for Christmas when a Smyths catalogue arrived in the post this morning!

Thursday – swimming after school. Jenson did 150m and Burton did 800.

Friday – hanging around after school – Jenson was chuffed to now be able to compete the monkey bars by himself. Proves he grew taller over the holidays.

Saturday – our weekly puppy visit! They are almost 6 weeks old now 

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  1. The boys’ swimming is awesome! Love the beach photos and very impressed with you trying so many new meals in a week. It’s shocking what we eat on weekdays – always the same food and mainly straight out of the freezer

  2. Impressive swimming. N needs to get his swimming sorted – he’s pants on his front but pretty good on his back. The sweet and sour meatballs sounds good

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