Project 365, 2016. Week 35

Well there we have it: the last whole week of the school holidays have finished and Wednesday will be the start of the new term and all the stress and rushing around that the school routine entails! This week has not been very exiting for photos, and it kind of sums up the week. I had so many plans and then it rushed past and now it has gone! Bit like the summer holidays in general really. There are so many thing we just did not get around to doing in the end. I think I need a couple more weeks please!

Here is a look back at our week:

Sunday – still camping and we went for a very long walk which we had no idea would be so muddy and so difficult to take bikes on! Still it was an adventure!

(Bank Holiday) Monday – we arrived home from camping just in time to see the Mini parade pass us by. It went on for abnoutn half an hour, and even the cat decided to watch it with us!

Tuesday – disaster first thing when between both boys this happened and the van boot got wedged on to the garage door! It was my faulty for parking too close to the garage, but as I went to get the van key so I could move it forward, Burton decided to open the boot, and Jenson decided to shut the garage door! I may have shouted at them VERY loudly! Luckily, no real damage was done in the end. 

Wednesday – we went for a walk (me and the dog) and bike ride (the boys) to Fremington Quay and back this afternoon (about 6 miles round trip) . It was actually really enjoyable despite not getting home until almost 7pm!

Thursday – didn’t do much today : went to the indoor trampoline park and then the boys played in the garden before swimming. 

Friday – we were meant to go to the beach today as it was a beautiful day. However, Burton’s new bed arrived so the day was spent putting it together and sorting out his room. I am glad it is top as it looks great, but I was disappointed not to get to the beach! Later on we went for our weekly visit to see Granma and the puppies, who are 3 1/2 weeks old now and getting more cute!


Saturday – usual Saturday of aikido, grocery shopping, LEGO playing , dog walking and all that jazz! LOL. Tonight after tea, Daddy set up an outdoor cinema in our garden complete with a fire to keep us warm. 

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