8 Ways to Save Money on Groceries to Afford a New Car

Whether you are living alone or with your whole family, you can’t deny how much groceries take so much of your pay and savings. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food seems to be a huge expense in every household, as it is reported to be the third largest household expense.

Saving money on groceries does not usually equate to giving up certain food or household items. It just means that you have to be smarter with your choices, and learn to take advantage of discounts and coupons. Applying these tips also equates to having enough money to buy a new car for the whole family to use when grocery shopping! Step your game up and apply these tips the next time you go to the store.

Look for an Alternative

Take a look at your receipt from your last grocery trip and take note of the items that you have spent most of your money on. For your next trip to the grocery store, make it a mission to look for alternatives for the most expensive things. There is always a cheaper alternative to everything. For example, you can always replace saffron with a combination of paprika and turmeric, veal with pork or chicken, and filet mignon with rib eye.

Print Some Coupons

Cutting out coupons from magazines is outdated, but of course, you can still cut those up and use them, if you ever see some. There are multiple websites where you can download and print some coupons out depending on your location. Couponing takes a bit of time to figure out, but once you do, you will surely be hooked to it! Who knows, you might even save enough money for a new car finance that is big enough for the whole family!

Go to the Same Store

Commit to buying your groceries from a certain store. Get a loyalty card from them and sign up for their rewards program. Educate yourself with how their promotions and programs go, and take it from there. Take advantage of the discounts and items that they offer for loyal customers.

Eat Before you Go Grocery Shopping

Studies show that people who go grocery shopping while they are hungry tend to be more impulsive. Avoid going on an empty stomach so you can resist the smell of baked goods and rotisserie displayed at the entrance.

Be Ready with your Phone and Spotify

Research says that almost every store plays music with a slower or “chill” vibe to make people move and walk slower than usual. This allows you to look at the aisle and the shelves slower than usual, leading you to throw more stuff into your cart. Bring your own phone and a pair of earphones, and listen to upbeat music to encourage you to move faster. This way, you will only get what you are supposed to.

Pay Attention to the Top and Bottom Shelves

Stores usually place the more expensive and well-known brands at eye-level, as people tend to grab the first thing that they see. Make sure to scan the top and bottom shelves for more affordable options.

Cut your Own Food

Buying pre-packaged and pre-sliced food can be expensive, as you are paying for both the food and the labour put into cutting it. Avoid buying these things and opt for the whole thing instead. Buy a whole piece of chicken and unsliced pieces of fruit. It might be more time-consuming for you, but trust me, the hassle will be well worth it.

Grow your Own

Buy your own seeds or herbs and grow them in your backyard. You will be surprised at how much you can save, especially if you are fond of cooking your own meals. Aside from it being cheap and convenient, you also get the assurance that your food is fresh and organic!


At the end of the day, saving money on groceries still depends on self-discipline and control. These things are just a guide of what you must do, but getting a good grip on your finances should be your number one priority.



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