Project 365, Week 31, 2017

And so the second week of the summer holidays has been and gone, and I am thinking that so far the break from school has passed buy far too quickly for my liking!

We returned from our camping trip last Sunday and on the way home we dropped the boys off at a camping site near Tiverton, as they then spent 4 days with their grandparents and 5 cousins! Yes, I did think that my OH’s parents were bonkers to actually do this, especially with thew wet weather, but a great time was had by all and there are plans for another trip in the future!

As a result of the boys being away at the start of the week, my photos are not very exciting! Still here they are anyway, no day specific as I didn’t take any worth bothering with until Tuesday!

Back home and I did a massive grocery shop and a 3 week meal plan – seemed like a great idea until I ended up shopping again on Saturday as there were a few things I forgot (like cereal, tin foil and dog food!), and some bits I ran out of (milk and bread!). 

I did some baking on Wednesday – these are made with Weetabix and tasted really nice. Recipe to follow later this week.

Thursday I collected the boys from their camping trip and there peace was shattered! I took them to the park in the afternoon .

We spotted a glorious rainbow while taking Copper for a walk. What we didn’t realise until we got home , was that its was a double one!

Took Copper and the boys to Codden Hill for a walk – the boys were busy discussing their school friends and some strange scenarios!

We were invited last minute to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon 

And I found a funny faced pirate!

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  1. Sounds like full on week. The grocery shop is always the same, I forget things too. The rainbow is so pretty & hope the camping went well x

  2. The cloud on your Codden hill pic looks like a dog to me.
    Wow at the madness of the grandparents but glad the children enjoyed it.
    I have never meal planned and shopped that way, so well done to you.

  3. The 3 week meal plan sounds very organised, but I am just the same. I often get back from a shop and realise within the hour that I forgot to put something on the list. The grandparents trip sounds fun and very brave of them.

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