Project 365, 2016. Week 34

Another week has flown past and I am now really sad that I only have one more week at home with my boys before they have to return to school, and I am back to work. Booooooo! However, this week we did at least see some summer action – bright sunshine, blue skies and hot temperatures and all over a bank holiday weekend too! what a shocker lol

This week Burton went to London with my Mum and Step dad for his belated birthday present, as they wanted to take him to the science museum. Therefore, Jenson and I had a couple of days on our own.

Here is a look back at our week:

Sunday – a (slow!) walk along Instow beach . Burton is looking grumpy because he had been told off!

Monday – we took Copper for a walk and there was lots of mud due to a lot of rain in the night

Tuesday – I took Burton to my Mum’s and then after I left, he travelled up to Great Bedwyn with my Mum and Step dad to stay at my Nanny’s house overnight, as they are catching the train from Bedwyn Wednesday morning. Here is Burton by the canal – this brought back lots of happy memories of my childhood , remembering my brother and I exploring this area when we were kids. 

Wednesday – Jenson and I went to town today to buy his new school shoes and some sweets! Then we went for a freakshake on the way home  (which we shared) as we have not been since the Easter holidays! 

Thursday – Jenson and I picked lots of blackberries this morning and when we got home we made a blackberry traybake. I took him out to lunch and then he had a friend over for tea after swimming. Burton returned home this evening too. 

Friday – after a busy morning at the park with friends, we went to the indoor trampoline centre this afternoon. 

Saturday – we went camping this afternoon at a campsite not too far away (about 25 mins). It was a beautiful day! I made homemade pizza for tea and here we are enjoying it while the sun sets behind us!

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  1. Looks like you have had a great time over the holidays. Trampoline parks are great. Visit to the beaches are the best. I love the muddy photo. Lots has been done and memories have been made to treasure x

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