Project 365, 2016. Week 32

Project 365, 2016. Week 32

So we have reached the half way point of the summer holidays already and I am wishing they would slow down a little, as I am enjoying the freedom of no school runs and the stress and shouting it causes each day!

This week went by pretty quickly, and while we did not really do anything exciting (although you may think otherwise of course), we did get out and about every day for a walk with Copper and met up with friends (cue lots of cake!).

Here is a look back at our week:

Sunday – Burton managed to break a slat from his bed, so first thing he and Jenson helped Daddy fix it. Afterwards the boys and I tidied their rooms ready for their play dates tomorrow afternoon. 

Monday – we took Copper for a massive walk this morning , and Burton took a little break from walking up a steep hill and Jenson moaned a lot LOL! This afternoon they each had a friend pop over for a few hours.

Tuesday – this morning we visited my two friends from school near Exeter and their children. When we got home the boys and Copper had a bounce on the trampoline!

Wednesday – we got a text from Granma after breakfast to say that her dog had given birth to her 7 puppies (1 died sadly, else there would have been 8), so we headed over there for a cuddle. All but 1 were black, and the yellow one is our favourite and the boys would like to keep it! 

Thursday – funny day really. Best day of the week weather wise and we ended up staying at home as we had to wait for a parcel for Daddy to arrive! The boys played on the old bouncy castle, which they are a bit big for now really.  Then we did some cleaning and decluttering downstairs. 

Friday – we took the dog for a walk early just as it started to rain! The we went to a friends for the day to play. 

Saturday – Burton decided to buy himself a new scooter with his birthday money which is a sensible purchase because he will get a lot of use from it. Here he is testing it while I walked Copper. 

6 thoughts on “Project 365, 2016. Week 32”

  • Lots of outdoor stuff this week. Your boys must be super fit with all this activity. Those puppies are so cute. Will you be able to resist having one?

  • Oh dear at them moaning about the massive walk, like the look on his face during the break.
    One of the nightmares of that type of bed, glad it was able to be mended.
    AAAhhhh at the puppies, do you plan on keeping one?
    The holidays have gone quick, ours go back to school tomorrow ( Thursday) and the twins start pre school on Monday.

  • That sounds like a lovely week! We’re into the final two weeks of vacation and I am not ready for them to go back to school at all, I love summer vacation 🙂 What a good idea to get a scooter, that will definitely get a lot of use. The puppies are so cute!

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