Project 365, 2016. Week 27

Project 365, 2016. Week 27

I am a bit late getting this up. This is due to me going out Saturday night and having a hangover Sunday morning, and then having an early night to make up for it all that evening!

So last week – well it was quite busy and went by very fast. We had sports day at school on Thursday and it was boiling hot! We also had to complete school core tasks , now that the end of term is fast approaching.

Here is a look back:

We went to the beach on Sunday and took Copper in the sea again. Not sure he is that keen really, he can’t wait to run out at least! Here are there boys wading in in their clothes!

We took the dog for a walk along the Tarka Trail off the lead, and he did really well at coming back to us. However, he did escape once under a fence but thankfully he came back after about 1 minute (a very long 1 minute!)

Tuesday after school my Mum, Step Dad and Nanny came to visit us and we went to the park for a walk and the boys enjoyed cooling off with an ice lolly.

Jenson had to make a space rocket for his core task, so we raided the recycling tub after school and together with some tin foil and pipe cleaners, we came up with this. Not bad for a last minute rummage and design idea!

Thursday was sports day – here is Jenson over the finish line. 

A lovely walk before school across the fields – you can just make out the boys in the distance, and the dog was off chasing butterflies!

Saturday night – we were invited to a friend’s 40th party on a boat (a moored boat, not a sailing one!). The theme was 1977 and we went as the Bandit and Frog/Carrie from the film (it is my OH’s favourite film and it was released this year). It was a great night – but the hangover not so good! 

3 thoughts on “Project 365, 2016. Week 27”

  • That rocket is so good. I am totally stealing the idea for future use and well done to Jenson on Sports Day. I love your outfits sooo much. My dad loves Smokey and the Bandit!

  • Brilliant rocket. The weather had been too warm for a while there.I think it is lovely to see a dog off and running free and having fun, especially when you have worked on the recall and they come back ( most of the time) when you call.

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