Project 365, 2017. Week 25

Project 365, 2017. Week 25

So I write this as another year older, as I had a birthday on Thursday which originally I wasn’t that bothered about celebrating, as I thought I would be working and not being able to do anything exciting due to it being a school day. However, I actually ended up with 3 invites to lunch, so I ended up requesting the time off from my MTA job and being taken out to lunch by my OH.

He never takes a day off to spend it with me so I was firstly a little in shock, but then I thought it was very nice of him. He took me to a new brasserie just off the beach at Sauton Sands, which I have heard good reviews about as everyone apart from us appears to have been already! I sampled the surf and turf (steak with a lobster tail) and it was delicious!

It has also been an extremely HOT week, well, up until Thursday when there weather returned to normal with some grey skies and cooler air! Like too hot in my opinion – yes moaning about the heat but it was far too hot for normal, every day life. 

So here I what we got up to this week:

Sunday was Father’s Day and ridiculously hot! We went to Granma and Grampy’s for a BBQ and sweated, a lot! The kids enjoyed some water activities to cool down with.

Monday – we were invited to a some friends after school for tea and some pool fun

Tuesday – I took the boys and a friend to the pool at Bideford Park after school for a splash about and a picnic 

Wednesday – the boys helped make some birthday cupcakes for tomorrow 

and they did a good job too

Thursday – another year older! Had a lovely lunch out and when we collected the boys Burton (and his entire class) had been creating their Iron Men made from all sorts of materials.

Friday – hot tub fun for the boys at a friend’s garden party 

Saturday – Burton has gone up another garden in aikido, he is now an orange belt 

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