Solo Parenting Made Simple: Top Organising Tips and Tricks for Busy Single Mums

Organising your life and your home can often appear to take so much time, you may wonder if it’s worth the trouble. If you are a single mum who simply can’t find enough time to do everything that’s needed, however, you should try investing in it just once. Once you have new habits in place, you’ll find that they open up a great deal of time.

If you’re willing to give it a try, here are tips.

Establish a rule against procrastination

If you begin charging things to a credit card without thinking about it, you might expect it to snowball into a very large sum of money before long. It’s much the same with procrastination. If you unthinkingly put things off for later, you’ll end up having too much to do in one go. The idea should be to never put responsibilities off, as far as you can. This is a move that can improve your quality of life in short order.

Don’t take anything new on without thinking it through

When a friend suggests that you should make a habit of running with her in each morning, or of bringing all your kids to the park so that they can play with her kids, it may sound like a great idea; you do need the time, however. It’s usually far easier to get into these things than it is to get out of them. No matter how good an idea may be, you need to think about it before you agree to it.

Just say no

The most harried and overworked mums are the ones who have a hard time turning people down. Whether it’s a friend who wants you to come help pick out a wedding gown, or a school bake sale, you want to do what Mila Kunis’ character does in the movie Bad Moms: you should simply say no. There’s no point in stretching yourself to the breaking point. When you do that, it just shows in everything — in the quality of the time that you give your kids, in the quality of the work you do at the office and so on. You need to learn to save yourself for the most important things in your life.

Go all-out getting organised

Do you often get caught in bad weather? You should try a premium weather app (try this app instead of a thermometer). Home improvement stores are chock-full of organisational ideas for single mums, and it can truly help to take advantage of them all. Do you see a large organiser full of holders to hang behind each seat in your car? You should get it. How about a big cabinet for your children’s socks and underwear? Again, you should get one for each kid. People put a lot of thought into organisational ideas, and you should take advantage of the fruits of their labour. The less cluttered and messy your house is, the more sanity you’ll have, and the more quickly you’ll get things done.

Finally, don’t put yourself last

Mothers are givers. Giving of themselves for their families can become such a habit, however, that they often simply forget that they have needs, too.

Thinking about your own needs isn’t selfish — it only helps you go on. Forcing yourself to keep giving can only make you and tired and depressed. You won’t be able to inspire your children when you’re this way. If you can’t put yourself first, you should at least make sure you don’t come last.

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