Project 365, 2016. Week 9

Project 365, 2016. Week 9

How is it March already? Isn’t it scary how fast this year is going?

This week has seen a real mix of weather from hailstones to torrential downpours, from blue skies and sunshine to showers and wind! It would be nice to see some sporing like weather and soon please!

Here is our week in photos:

Copper loves walking on walls just like the boys do.

Reading his new book while walking the dog this morning !

Someone sneaked in to my bed last night!

I cook pancakes for breakfast a lot, but this morning, Shrove Tuesday, we ran out of time  much to Jenson’s disappointment. Burton had running club before school, but took so long to get ready, that I did not get breakfast made, so we popped to MacDonalds for a sausage macmuffin instead (not something we do very often, I haste an to add!)! Ended up being 5 mins late to club but pretty good seeing as though Burton was still not dressed at 7.50 and club starts at 8.15! 

A game of pooh sticks before school this morning 

School celebrated World Book Day today, so here we have Fantastic Mr Fox and the boy who turns into a mouse in The Witches. 

Jenson had a turn at driving (off road) to Granma’s as the boys had a sleepover so Mummy and Daddy enjoyed a rare meal out tonight (yum!).

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