Project 365, 2016. Week 11

This week has been a week for bugs! First of all Jenson was sick before school , just the once, on Tuesday but of course school policy states that you cannot return to school until 48m hours after being sick. Hence, he was off until Thursday. Then lo and behold Burton was sick on Friday so he ended up having a day off too!

They are both ok now though so back to school tomorrow!

Here is a look back at our week:

Early walk at Crow Point

Where we saw the biggest jellyfish on the beach

a trip to the park after school as it was warm

a walk and a little trip to the tea rooms while big brother was at school

Someone sneaked into my bed in the night and woke up early for a read

caught! he keeps getting on the sofa when I pop out of the lounge

Science club for Burton this afternoon and he loved it – I love his face here while he was making elephant toothpaste 

Hope you had a good week x 


  1. sarahmo3w

    That jellyfish is incredible! Glad the boys are better now. Love the photo of your morning visitor enjoying his book.

  2. That jellyfish looks huge!

    Aw poor doggy, he really does look like he knows he’s in the wrong but seeking forgiveness xxx

  3. SCience club sounds cool. That must be one of the only clubs that N’s school doesn’t have!

    Urgh to the bug. We had similar on the Sunday of N’s party. 6 and 7am he was sick, then that was it. Luckily being so early in the morning, he was able to go back on the Tuesday, rather than having to wait another da

  4. Wow that jellyfish is incredible and huge! So pleased the boys are better now, so many bugs going about just now. Lovely photo of your morning visitor enjoying his book xx

  5. Typical, one gets it and then the other.Glad they are both feeling better. Saw the elephant toothpaste on a video a while back, it is impressive.
    Yeeh to warm after school and getting out.

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