Project 365 2017. Week 6

Half term already! This last term has whizzed past as has this last week, which has seen end of term parent consultations, with both boys doing really well at school which was lovely to hear. There was also the Valentines Disco which is always a fun event to be a part of and raised the school just over £250 🙂

We are off to Sweden tomorrow, leaving later today to stay at a hotel near the airport, so I apologise if I miss commenting on your post this week, as where we are staying there its very limited (if any) wifi so it will be a week away from social media – eeeeek! LOL. I am looking forward to this although it will be weird not having access to my emails and social media.

Here is a look back at our week:

Sunday – we went on the muddiest walk we have ever been on! I am not exaggerating either – it was proper squelchy mud and in the end we had to divert onto another path to get back which was not much better! Jenson fell over 3 times LOL

Monday – my little book worm 🙂

Tuesday – walk after school with the boys, the dog and my Mum and Nanny (who celebrated her 84th birthday) . You cannot see my Mum and Nan as they were too far in front of us!

Wednesday – I gained a little helper after I washed my hair! (excuse the mess in the background – spare room aka dumping ground!)

Thursday – Burton’s class had their class assembly about the topics they have learn this term including primates and Burton was an elephant. 

Friday – Copper enjoying his new toy which now has now stuffing inside !

Saturday – something extra to pack ha ha! 

See you next week with , I suspect, lots of photos of Sweden x 

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  1. Have an amazing time in Sweden! Look forward to seeing the pics. Wow, that path really is extremely muddy!

  2. well that will save his legs…
    Been very muddy round here as well with poor Lily needing washed in the sink most days when we get back from a walk.
    Poor Jenson for falling over.

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