Project 365, 2017. Week 4

So January, the first month of this new year, is almost finished already, and February is almost upon us. I always thought this month dragged before I had kids, but now it seems to pass by as quickly as any other one!

This week saw lots of walks with Copper in all sorts of weather, from muddy wet walks to frosty ones with sub zero (well -2 degrees lol!) temperatures, so I am happy that lots of photos this week were taken outdoors.

Here is a look back at our week:

A long walk with the dog Sunday morning followed by a delicious roast at the local pub for lunch.

A cold walk this morning before school

A little Mummy and Jenson time as Burton went on a school trip today to Paignton Zoo and was not back until 5.30pm

A muddy walk after school – trying hard not to fall over!

A yummy new bake this week – Chocolate Orange Drizzle Polenta Cake and the recipe is here 

Really chuffed with my walking this week – most I have ever done and I even went to the gym one morning for a 30 minute go on a cross trainer. 

Badges were earned and handed out today at Aikido, and Burton received one for warm up (above) and respect. Now I need to buy a needle and some cotton to sew them on!!

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  1. Nice to win a badge for respect, well done Burton. One joy of having a dog that they will walk in all weathers and needs out daily so it encourages you, well done on your step count. We have had a few muddy walks this week as well.
    I hate driving down roads that narrow, there is nowhere to go if you bump into a milk tanker or even a car coming the other way.

  2. What a cool badge. Way to go Burton. I’m not sure I’d like having a dog just now, but I can imagine it encourages you to get out and about. Well done on your step count hon x

  3. Wowsers Jenny, that’s a lot of steps!! Some days I clock about 100 when I pop my phone in the work locker – I should get a watch counter as I’d be interested to see just what I do do at work! Copper seems to help though – maybe I need a dog?! You definitely deserve the cake 🙂

  4. I feel so lazy looking at how much walking you’ve done! Well done.
    Jenson looks very pleased at having some Mummy time!

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