My Meal Plan Week 2

So last week saw me try to stick to the meal plan that I made last weekend. On the whole I did quite well……. but Friday and Sundays meals are being carried forward to this weeks plan, because Friday I ended up going on a playdate after school with the boys which meant they were fed, so their Daddy and I ended up having a store cupboard pasta dish instead of fish. Sunday we went out for a roast dinner which saved me having to cook, so the chicken was frozen and we will aim to have that next Sunday instead.

Shopping wise, I still had to pop out to get some top up items, like bread, milk and yogurts, but not as much as I would normally. Yay! I really need to up my game though, and get better, especially as I get my wages this week and I want to budget it much better than usually do. Wish me luck!

This week we do not have any playdates planned or a roast dinner on Sunday, although my OH has suggested that he will cook his Bolognese with the boys on Saturday night which will make a nice change! In the 11 years I have been with him, he has only cooked for me a few times (no exaggeration!) but the other week he cooked his version of a bolognese sauce and everyone liked it, so he has offered to do it again with the boys help. This is huge because I always do all of the cooking, so seeing their daddy cook will hopefully make the boys see that men and ladies can cook.

Anyway, enough waffle, here is my meal plan for this week

What do you have planned to eat this week? 

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