My Meal Plan Week 1

My Meal Plan Week 1

One of my goals for 2017 is to be more organised and this means getting better at planning my meals each week. Not only do I want to do this so that I know what to cook each day, but I want to get better at budgeting my grocery shopping each week, as I know I probably spend too much money on food and I shop for food too often each week. 

Therefore, I figured that one good way to keep me on plan is to blog my meal planner each week. In the past I have written meal plans and put them up in the kitchen for the boys to see, and they actually like seeing what meals I have planned for them each day. However, my plans never last for long! Before too long I am back to planning on a daily basis, which does not help me save money!

While I will continue to show the boys a copy of the meal plan, I hope that by blogging my ideas each week maybe I will inspire anyone who reads this, who is also thinking about starting a weekly meal planner, to do it. Or maybe by sharing my meals it might give someone an idea of what to cook their family that day/week. Mind you my lot are fussy, so I might not cook anything particularly motivating LOL. Also, by making my plan public, it might make me stick to it and encourage me to plan better at the same time.

This week we have some afternoon clubs : Tuesday it is tennis which runs until 5pm, PTA meeting 4-5pm on Wednesday and Swimming is on Thursday which means it will be almost 6pm by the time I am home,  so I want something easy to prepare on these days. Saturday, we have two birthday parties to attend so I want an easy meal to prepare when I get home, as I will be out most of the day.

Some evenings I will eat differently to the boys but that is because I am following the Slimming World eating plan, and as much as I love pizza, for example see Monday,  it is a no no for me!

So here is my Meal Plan for this week:

Now lets see if I can stick to this for the week! This could be the shortest blog post series I have ever done ha ha!

What are you eating this week? 

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