Project 366, 2016. Week 47

Is anyone else finding it hard to believe that Christmas is just under a month away and that means only 3 more weeks of school until this term has ended? And that 5 weeks means it will be 2017??? Aaaaaaargh! I am so behind with my Christmas shopping, I am sure I normally have more gifts bought by now!

This week has flown past and it looked a little like this:








A walk with the dog in the muddy, water logged lanes after all the rain we had at the end of last week. 

New school photo of my handsome boys 🙂

An apple a day….!

Up on the roof – checking out the extension and the views from the top

Swimming lessons after school

Well done to Jenson for another certificate *proud mummy moment*

We have taken the boys to London for the first time as my brother had his 40th yesterday, and invited us down for some bowling. Afterwards, OH and I took them to Hamleys for a look inside and to see the Christmas lights of Oxford Circus.

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  1. Lovely school photo! I’ve just had the nicest school photo ever of my daughter too.
    Very impressed by the use of the apostrophe! I think a few adults could take some tips from him.
    A first trip to London is very exciting – especially going to Hamleys!

  2. Very brave going to London this time of year! We avoided Hamleys when we took the kiddos in May – I’m so mean 😉 Happy chappies all round this week then 🙂

  3. It is a lovely school photo of the boys. Well done to Jenson. I bet the boys loved their trip to London. H loved visitinig Hamleys earlier in the year.

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