Project 366, 2016. Week 40

This week saw me start a new job: I am now a MTA (meal time assistant) at the school that my boys attend, which is for about an hour and a half each day. It is amazing what a difference to my day this makes, as it does not give me much time now to do my other jobs around the house and all that blogging entails, and look after Copper, but it might make me more efficient in time management. There again *ahem* !!!

This week looked a bit like this:

The boys made a den in Burton’s bottom bunk and had a sleepover


A frothy bath


An early morning walk


Jenson insisted on wearing my coat at lunch time!


A walk to the park after school in warm sunshine


Watching the lights of Barnstaple while on a walk before breakfast


The boys enjoyed my Breakfast Freak-Smoothie , my healthier take on a Freak Shakes 


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  1. I love the dog walk and bath photos. I’ve always wondered how people who work at school at lunchtimes manage their time! It must really break the day up. I think I’d find it difficult to settle down to anything either before or after if I knew I had to work in the middle of the day! Hope you can manage your time better than I would! x

  2. I think I’d struggle to fit in a job with all the blogging. I’d certainly have to let something slide and the housework can’t go any more. Hope the job goes well.

  3. Love the bath photo. Hope you’re finding your new role interesting. It’s definitely not a job I could do but I would like the opportunity to get more involved with school. My work doesn’t give me the time to do that.

  4. Congrats on the new job! Hope it’s going well. Love the bath pic – so many bubbles!

    That breakfast freak smoothie looks interesting!

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