#GBBOBloggers2016 Week 8: Tudor – Star Baker & Round Up

So the quarter finals of the Great British Bake Off featured Tudor week, and the baking themes were:

Signature:Decorative Pies
Technical: Jumbles
Showstopper: Marzipan Centrepiece

Decorative Pies
Te pies that were linked up looked magnificent and very very tasty! I do not eat pastry very often, maybe that is why each pie was making me feel so hungry, but I do love a pie, whether it be a sweet or savoury filled one. It was so hard choosing a winner for Star Baker, and I would like to mention the amazing topping that Hazel made for her Autumn Apple Pie, just so pretty and I love the tutorial she provided which I am going to try and copy one day soon. However, I felt that as lovely as it looked, it should be a savoury pie which wins this week. I really loved the look of Anca’s Vegetarian Tudor Pie with its spinach and mushroom filling and fleur de lis design made of pastry. However, after much deliberation, I am going with Angela’s Two Vegetarian Mock Tudor Pies . Not only did she make two different types of pies, with equally yummy sounding fillings, but I just adored the story behind the pies filings which ties in so nicely with the Tudor theme.


Lots of you , including myself, tried their baking hands at Jumbles, and I have to say that you all made great knots with your biscuit dough, and they all looked delicious. I loved how Hannah added chocolate to her ginger spiced Jumbles, and how Anne allowed her children to make her Jumbles and I thought that Andrea was very clever to make a savoury version of this Tudor biscuit. However, I do feel that Vohn’s Jumbles are worthy of a Star Baker award because I feel they held their shape the best of all the recipes linked up in this category.


Marzipan Centrepiece
There were two delicious marzipan covered cakes linked up – Stacey made an Orange & Lime Battenberg, which would be great for Halloween, a bake I have always fancied trying but always felt was too hard. And then there was this stunning Autumn Marchpane – what a beautifully decorated cake! Perfect for this time of year too, and I adore the handmade cute little pumpkins and autumn coloured leaves.


Well done to the 3 Star Bakers, and thank you to you all for continuing to bake and join in 🙂


I cannot believe the series is almost over now 🙁

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  1. Gutted I haven’t had the time to join in the last couple of weeks….. Sorry!
    Miss GF made gluten free jumbles for her class when they did Tudors a couple of years ago. We did loads of research before amending to GF what was alleged to be a real Tudor recipe….. I have to admit I was a little confused by the technical version on GBBO as the recipe we worked to said that one of the peculiarities of the jumble was that they were boiled first and then baked (a bit like a bagel would be)!

  2. Wow that marzipan centerpiece looks amazing. Love the autumn theme. So many great bakes and makes. Lots of fun. I am so behind in the back off this week x

  3. Congratulations!! Very good choices, the bakes look amazing. Thank you for mentioning my pie, I’m glad you liked it. xx

  4. Oh wow – thanks so much Jenny! I feel so honoured to be star baker in the technical challenge! Adoring that stunning autumn marchpane centrepiece – so beautiful and seasonal.

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