#GBBOBloggers2016 Week 8: Tudor – Star Baker & Round Up

So the quarter finals of the Great British Bake Off featured Tudor week, and the baking themes were:

Signature:Decorative Pies
Technical: Jumbles
Showstopper: Marzipan Centrepiece

Decorative Pies
Te pies that were linked up looked magnificent and very very tasty! I do not eat pastry very often, maybe that is why each pie was making me feel so hungry, but I do love a pie, whether it be a sweet or savoury filled one. It was so hard choosing a winner for Star Baker, and I would like to mention the amazing topping that Hazel made for her Autumn Apple Pie, just so pretty and I love the tutorial she provided which I am going to try and copy one day soon. However, I felt that as lovely as it looked, it should be a savoury pie which wins this week. I really loved the look of Anca’s Vegetarian Tudor Pie with its spinach and mushroom filling and fleur de lis design made of pastry. However, after much deliberation, I am going with Angela’s Two Vegetarian Mock Tudor Pies . Not only did she make two different types of pies, with equally yummy sounding fillings, but I just adored the story behind the pies filings which ties in so nicely with the Tudor theme.


Lots of you , including myself, tried their baking hands at Jumbles, and I have to say that you all made great knots with your biscuit dough, and they all looked delicious. I loved how Hannah added chocolate to her ginger spiced Jumbles, and how Anne allowed her children to make her Jumbles and I thought that Andrea was very clever to make a savoury version of this Tudor biscuit. However, I do feel that Vohn’s Jumbles are worthy of a Star Baker award because I feel they held their shape the best of all the recipes linked up in this category.


Marzipan Centrepiece
There were two delicious marzipan covered cakes linked up – Stacey made an Orange & Lime Battenberg, which would be great for Halloween, a bake I have always fancied trying but always felt was too hard. And then there was this stunning Autumn Marchpane – what a beautifully decorated cake! Perfect for this time of year too, and I adore the handmade cute little pumpkins and autumn coloured leaves.


Well done to the 3 Star Bakers, and thank you to you all for continuing to bake and join in πŸ™‚


I cannot believe the series is almost over now πŸ™

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